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Sinum Double Pump Unit D80 400V

Technical data
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For pressurisation, deaeration and topping up in sealed heating installations (acc. to EN12828) and chilled water (cooling) installations.

Sinums with pump units are used for storage of expansion water, deaeration and topping up your installation automatically as an integrated controlled unit carried out with state of the art micro-electronics. The Sinum balanced pressure expansion equipment is sized according to the total system volume and the boiler or chiller load. The Sinum vessel is 80% efficient irrespective of the static height of the system. It is the ideal solution for large installations or high installations where standard

diaphragm expansion equipment is limited.

Special features/Product advantages

  • Easy installation thanks to intuitive menu navigation in the HMI, large display and self-learning microprocessor.
  • Different operating modes guarantee continuous degassing.
  • Advanced technology ensures low power consumption, long service life and easy maintenance.
  • Improved convenience through volumetric controls and automatic topping-up during the heating and cooling cycles.
  • Modular design offers a high level of installation flexibility.
  • Optional: Integration in existing building management systems through digital and analogue outputs.
Technical data
Installation Horizontal
Connectable yes
Digital control unit yes
Exchangeable membrane no
Min. operating pressure 4.7 bar
Max. operating pressure PN 10 bar
Min. refill pressure 4 bar
Max. refill pressure 6 bar
Min. fluid temperature T 3 °C
Max. fluid temperature T 70 °C
Min. ambient temperature 3 °C
Max. ambient temperature 50 °C
Min. storage temperature 5 °C
Max. storage temperature 50 °C
Maximum allowed limit of glycol in % 50 %
Mains frequency f 50 Hz
Phase 3
Rated voltage U 400 V
Voltage tolerance ±10 %
Rated current IN 9.2 A
Protection class IP54
Max. boiler output 9400 kW
Min. boiler output 1400 kW
Connection inlet G 1¼
Connection outlet G 1¼
Item no. 2198871
EAN number 4048482837888
Make Wilo
Net weight, approx. 114.6 kg

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