Impact for you

Dear Customers,

As per the directive and regulations, integrated circulators with Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) >0,23 can no longer be placed on the European market after the 31th July 2015 except for replacement purpose under certain conditions.

Our interpretation of this legal framework is that you are the one placing the product on the Market, so responsible for fulfilling some of those conditions.

These considerations have several important implications.

Products placed on the European Market

For serial production of integrated circulators with EEI>0,23 (non ErP compliant) you must ascertain that those of your products fitted with these circulators are placed on the European market before the end of July 2015.

From 1 January 2013, for integrated circulators placed on the market no later than 1 Jan 2022 as replacement for identical circulators […], the replacement circulator or its packaging shall clearly indicate the product for which it is intended. The information (among others), shall be visibly displayed on freely accessible website(s). (See (EU) No 622/2012 chapter 2 - ‘Product Information Requirement’ for more details).

Please note that those circulators specially designed for primary circuits of thermal solar systems and of heat pumps are considered as stand-alone (if not complying with other integration criteria) so that they cannot be placed on the European market after 31 July 2015, i.e neither for serial production nor as a replacement circulator.

Products for markets not requiring conformity to this ErP Directive and associated regulations.

Wilo will maintain adequate production means to produce non-CE marked circulators.

Circulators cannot bear the CE mark if they do not fulfil the Ecodesign directive and associated regulations. It is therefore essential for Wilo to ensure those conditions are effectively met.