Wilo-Yonos PARA High Flow


Glandless circulation pump with threaded connection or flange connection, EC motor with automatic power adjustment.


Hot-water heating systems of all kinds, air-conditioning systems, closed cooling circuits, industrial circulation systems

Special features/product advantages

The Yonos PARA High Flow is a high efficiency product for replacing standard pumps. The range covers nearly all ranges of the standard pump hydraulic ranges.

  • Self regulating electronic pump with Delta P variable / Delta P constant / n_const
  • Medium temperature range: from -20°C up to +110°C
    The replacement solution!
  • No additional balancing needed
  • Easiness for installer
  • Short power cable with overmoulded Molex connector on demand
  • No interface to control the pump by external signals
  • Pressure rating: PN10



Glandless circulation pump with a cast iron pump housing and threaded connection. EC motor with automatic power adjustment and self-protecting modes.


Heating, cooling and air-conditioning - Residential

Special features / product benefits

  • Self-controlled pump (Green Button technology) or externally controlled (iPWM1 or LIN bus)
  • Unique LED user interface
  • Self-protecting modes
  • Designed for optimised integration