Wilo-DrainLift WS 40 Basic

Series description

Special features/product advantages

  • Pressure-tight sump for subterranean and aboveground installation
  • Flexible due to free selection of inlets
  • Large tank volume
  • Including pipework, level control, switchgear and pump

Design type

Pump chamber made of plastic with integrated pump as concealed pumping station or floor-mounted lifting unit


Pumping of pre-cleaned sewage without faeces that cannot be returned to the sewer system using natural falls, and for the draining of objects that are below the backflow level.


Pump chamber complete ready for connection with pipework and pump.

Scope of delivery

  • Tank (for single or double pump system)
  • Built-in pipework
  • Non-return ball valve
  • Including pump
  • Level switching
  • Switchgear (for three-phase pump or double-pump system)
  • Cover with seal (can be walked on, supporting a weight up to 200 kg)
  • Hole saw Ø 124 mm, inlet seal DN 100 (for pipe Ø 110 mm)
  • 1 PVC hose section Ø 50 mm with clamps for connection of a diaphragm hand pump
  • Fixation material for floor fixation
  • Installation and operating instructions

Type key


Wilo-DrainLift WS 40E/TC40 (3~)-BV


Synthetic pumps station


Pressure outlet of the system


E = single-pump system D = double-pump system

TC 40

Built-in pump


Three-phase motor


Non-return ball valve


  • Pump chamber: PE
  • Pipework: 1.4404
  • Surface coupling: PUR
  • Non-return ball valve: Cast iron
  • Gate valve: bronze
  • Pump: Cast iron


The Wilo-DrainLift WS 40 Basic is an automatic lifting unit as a single-pump or double-pump system. The plastic shaft has integrated finning for increasing stiffness and anti-buoyancy, and also provides freely-definable inlets.

The system can be installed in buildings as a lifting unit, as well as outside buildings like a traditional pump chamber in the ground.

Technical data

  • Inlet: DN 100/DN 150
  • Ventilation: DN 70
  • Maximum pressure in the pressure pipe: 1.5 bar.


The submersible sewage pump Wilo-Drain TC 40 is preinstalled.


General overview 2018 International version

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