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Green Solutions for a better climate

Discover our virtual presence at IFAT 2020

We very much regret the postponement of IFAT 2020. However, we do not want to withhold our exciting solutions for all areas of water management - our Green Solutions for more sustainability and climate protection. Go through our digital exhibition booth, discover our Green Solutions, our Wilo services and our new Wilo-Live Assistant.

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The core of our sustainability strategy is to provide more people with clean water while simultaneously reducing the ecological footprint. Achieving this aim requires a focus on the entire water cycle. Sustainable Water Management focuses on more than just the production and supply of drinking water. The disposal and treatment of wastewater is also of central importance. They help to ensure thatthe valuable resource of water is handled efficiently and prevent elevated levels of contamination.

Wilo offers an extensive range of products for all areas of Water Management and works continuously to enhance its product portfolio.

Digital transformation goes hand in hand with numerous changes. Advantages and opportunities, but also new challenges and uncertainties. Wilo is a digital pioneer in the pump industry that is harnessing the possibilities of growing digitalisation and using smart water systems to help meet the future requirements in terms of drinking water extraction, water pumping and transportation and wastewater treatment.

UN Global Compact and SDGs

The United Nations Global Compact is the largest and most important initiative for responsible company management worldwide. Ten general principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promote the vision of an inclusive and sustainable world economy that deliversbenefits to all people, communities and markets, both now and in the future.

Wilo’s Executive Board signed up to the UN Global Compact in 2018, thereby underlining its commitment to making a contribution to the international sustainability targets.

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Our sustainable highlights at the IFAT 2020

Solutions for all areas of Water Management

The global water shortage is turning water into one of the world’s most precious commodities. The uninterrupted supply of clean water for drinking, for agriculture and for industry is one of the greatest challenges of the future. Wilo’s aim is to offer tailored solutions for achieving this.

Raw Water Intake

The reliable production of drinking water is one of the cornerstones of a functional society. Our products set standards in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. For example, our flexible submersible pumps achieve pump efficiency of up to 84.5%. It is also suitable for challenging raw water extraction processes and can transport up to 310 m³ of water an hour.

Wilo-Actun OPTI-MS

Our Wilo-Actun OPTI-MS solar submersible pump provides an autonomous and cost-effective water supply, even in remote locations.

SDG 6 - Clean water and sanitation

A single solar submersible pump reliably supplies up to 650 people with drinking water, even in remote areas.

SDG 9 -Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We are empowering communities with poor infrastructure with cost-efficient water supply which is not reliant on the power grid.

SDG 13 - Climate action

Thanks to the use of renewable energies, our solution reduces CO2 emissions by approx. 2 tonnes per year/pump*.

* Compared to a submersible pump driven by a diesel generator

Product information

Wilo-Actun ZETOS

Wilo-Energy Solutions is an initiative that shows operators how their installation can be made more efficient by proactively replacing working but inefficient pumps with high-efficiency pumps. The Wilo-Actun ZETOS improves water supply performance with a pump efficiency of up to 85.5 %.

SDG 6 - Clean water and sanitation

The Wilo-Actun ZETOS is the most efficient solution for drinking water supply*. It guarantees sustainable use of the valuable resource of water.

SDG 9 -Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Our innovative Ceram CP coating for protection against ochre formation guarantees a longer service life of the Wilo-Actun ZETOS. The water supply infrastructure is therefore more durable.

SDG 13 - Climate action

Thanks to the modernisation of the waterworks in Bad Überkingen, up to 100,000 kWh of electricity are saved per year with our solution. CO2 emissions are reduced by 53.7 tonnes.

* The Wilo-Actun ZETOS meets the requirements of pumping drinking water in many countries such as the USA (NSF61), Great Britain (BS), France (ACS) and Germany (UBA).

Product information

Water Supply

Progressive urbanisation is placing considerable demands on the water supply. This makes ensuring the security of supply a matter for technology in terms of both reliability and growth in water volumes. Products like our split case pumps are used wherever it is necessary to move large volumes of water and absolute reliability and constant efficiency are required. They can transport up to 17,000 m³/h with energy efficiency of up to 90%.

Wilo-Atmos GIGA-N

Wilo is making a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Compared to the previous series, the Wilo-Atmos GIGA-N series alone has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 26 tonnes every year.

SDG 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Monitoring units and service packages tailored to the operator ensure the operational reliability of the municipal water supply.

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

The combination with the frequency converter Wilo-EFC guarantees the connection to the power system management of towns and municipalities and sustainably improves the water supply.

SDG 13 - Climate action

The new Wilo-Atmos GIGA-N pump generation consumes up to 48,000 kWh less energy and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 26 tonnes*.

* Compared to the previous generation of glanded pumps.

Product information

Wilo-Atmos TERA-SCH

When developing and manufacturing products, Wilo looks ahead to take the end of their service life into account. 95 % of the components of the Wilo-Atmos TERA-SCH can be recycled.

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

The connection to the power system management by means of frequency converter Wilo-EFC sustainably improves the water supply in large distribution networks of smart cities.

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Wilo is mindful of recyclability when developing the products. The materials and components used have a recycling rate of 95 %.

SDG 13 - Climate action

The new Wilo-Atmos TERA-SCH axially split case pump consumes up to 73.000 kWh less energy
and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 39 tonnes per year/pump*.

* Compared to the traditional pump.

Wastewater Treatment

Resource scarcity and steadily growing demand for fresh water require efficient and dependable solutions for reliable water treatment. Different Wilo products are used in the reprocessing of service water, water recycling and sewage treatment plants. The submersible mixer meet these requirements with a high-efficiency motor and low-wearing materials that are tailored to the harsh operating environment.

Wilo-EMU TRE, -Sevio ELASTOX, -TP Control

Energy is a valuable resource, and we aim to use it sparingly. Wilo products guarantee optimum sewage mixing with minimal energy use in wastewater treatment plants.

SDG 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastucture

We guarantee efficient sewage treatment using our sewage treatment technology and therefore meet the growing demand for fresh water.

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

The dimensioning of the equipment using a CFD simulation and the Wilo-TP Control smart control enables us to guarantee operationally reliable biological wastewater treatment.

SDG 13 - Climate action

Ultra-low power consumption enables CO2 to be reduced by up to 19.7 tonnes per year for an average wastewater treatment plant with six submersible mixers and three basins.

Wilo-Vardo WEEDLESS, -Sevio ELASTOX, -Savus DECA, -TP Control

SDG 6 - Clean water and sanitation

With Wilo-TP Control, we’re helping operators to meet the legally required discharge values for water recirculation in streams, rivers or nature.

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

Using system-specific dimensioning of the equipment and the Wilo-TP Control smart control, we guarantee operationally reliable sewage treatment.

SDG 17 - Partnerships for the goals

We work together with universities and a global partner network to continue to increase the efficiency of sewage recycling.

Wastewater Collection & Transportation

Pumping untreated wastewater is becoming increasingly demanding due to the growing prevalence of solids and the retention time in the network are rising, which is making the medium to be pumped more aggressive and problematic. With motor efficiency of up to 92.3% and hydraulic efficiency of up to 75%, our new Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q with Nexos intelligence, the first digital submersible wastewater pump with IE5 PM motor technology, allows us to pump 360m³/h of water with an extremely high degree of efficiency and reliability.

Wilo-EMUport CORE

Wilo is constantly optimising the use of raw materials in its production. In addition to this, the consumption of resources is further reduced by the use of durable materials.

Wilo-EMUport CORE

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

Thanks to integration into a pressure drainage system with Wilo-Nexos NET-Intelligence, collection pump stations are efficiently controlled, additionally enabling targeted maintenance.

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Our Wilo-EMUport CORE systems are made from recyclable polyethylene. Polyethylene ensures a very long service life and minimises the proportion to be scrapped in the case of disposal.

SDG 13 - Climate action

The efficient geometry of the impellers ensures a low energy consumption in the overall system.

Product information

Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q

The Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q with Nexos Intelligence excels thanks to its outstanding operational reliability, energy efficiency and connectivity.This smart-water-system sustainably increases the efficiency and convenience of everyday work.

SDG 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q’s non-susceptibility to clogging and the integrable Nexos LSI automatic control make sewage infrastructure in towns and municipalities smart and more reliable in operation.

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

The Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q with Nexos Intelligence meets the requirements of metropolitan areas where infrastructure and aspects of life are digitally interconnected. Pumping stations can be easily monitored and maintained.

SDG 13 - Climate action

The integrable Nexos LSI automatic control minimises pipe friction losses and reduces energy costs by up to 20 % and CO2 emissions by up to 20.7 tonnes per year/pump*.

* Compared to conventional sewage pumps.

Product information

Wilo-Rexa SUPRA-V with Wilo-Digital Data Interface

The Wilo-Rexa SUPRA-V with Wilo-Digital Data interface is our latest innovation in the field of sewage pumps. It provides high energy savings and digital operating convenience for more cost-effective wastewater management.

SDG 9 -Industy, innovation and infrastructure

The connectivity of pumps and pumping stations as well as the convenient remote monitoring of individual units ensure the stable infrastructure of the sewage disposal.

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

Wilo-Rexa SUPRA-V with Wilo-Digital Data Interface is easily integrated into existing municipal system management and as such gives towns and municipalities the sustainability to be fit for the future.

SDG 13 - Climate action

Thanks to the best efficiency of its class, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 13.6 tonnes per year and pump*.

* Compared to the traditional sewage pump.

Product information

Wilo-Nexos NET-Intelligence

Smart-water-systems from Wilo network individual pumping stations and monitor and control them to provide reliable and energy-efficient pressure drainage. This enables Wilo to sustainably support communities and municipalities.

Pressure Drainage System with Nexos Intelligence - arial view and system analysis

SDG 6 - Clean water and sanitation

Wilo-Nexos NET-Intelligence enables up to 1,000 pumping stations to be smartly networked and digitally controlled, guaranteeing reliable pressure drainage.

SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

The Wilo-Nexos NET-Intelligence simplifies the management of pumping stations with intelligent system network. Web-based access and quick digital data transfers guarantee efficient remote monitoring of the system.

SDG 13 - Climate action

Deposits in piping are minimised by optimising flow rates. The overall system thereby saves up to 30 % energy*.

* Compared to conventional pressure drainage systems.

Building Information Modelling – Wilo is BIM-ready

We are one of the first manufacturers to offer you extremely easy access to complete BIM product data for our heating pumps. For example, you can use BIM (Building Information Modelling) to integrate your dimensioning work even more efficiently into overall planning, and to make your collaboration with other project members much simpler. You can be sure:

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