Wilo-EMUport CORE

Wilo-EMUport CORE - Separate and transport solid substances. Clean, safe and reliable.

Growing solid content in sewage is creating great challenges in the context of drainage of entire localities, but also public buildings such as hotels and airports hospitals. The technological and economical solution: Wilo-EMUport CORE. The innovative solids separation system offers the optimum operational reliability and guarantees reliable transport of sewage.

Wilo-EMUport CORE

  • Separating solids from sewage: Large solids do not have to pass through the pump – no clogging
  • Cost-effective due to retrofit system for simple renovation of old pumping stations
  • Durable and corrosion-free due to the use of PE and PUR material
  • Easy maintenance, even during operation – thanks to hygienic dry well installation and easy access from outside and individual blocking
  • Future-proof even with increasing solid content in sewage
  • Flexible installation in buildings or in chambers from 1,500 mm diameter
  • Easy to integrate and ready-for-connection Plug&Pump system
  • Energy savings due to efficient submersible sewage pumps optionally with IE3 motors

Future-proof installation

The solids separation system proves to be a future-proof system solution thanks to the separation of solids from the sewage. The product also ensures reliable operation with an increasing solid content.

Due to the use of durable and corrosion-free polyethylene and polyurethane materials, there is no risk of pitting and crevice corrosion.


Sewage pump failures are frequently caused by coarse solid material.

The solids separation system from Wilo separates this material in the sewage, which means that large solids no longer have to pass through the pump. Maximum operational reliability and efficiency are combined in the system to ensure trouble-free operation. The fully submersible system (IP68) continues to run smoothly even in the event of water ingress.


Wilo solids separation systems are characterised by their extremely easy maintenance.

Thanks to the hygienic dry well installation, the system components only come into contact with the fluid internally. Easy and convenient accessibility is thereby ensured for maintenance work.

The transparent inlet box cover enables a simple visual inspection of the system. Quick-release connectors on the cleaning opening as well as the pump connections save both time and money during maintenance procedures.