Wilo-Flumen EXCEL-TRE

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Características especiais/vantagens do produto

  • Low clogging rate and reliable operation thanks to optimised hydraulics
  • Low-wearing, due to the use of stainless steel precision-cast propellers with the lowest cavitation tendency
  • A wide range of possible uses in diverse applications, even at high-interval running times
  • Reduction of the energy and operating costs due to the standard use of IE3 motors for the best possible thrust coefficient
  • High flexibility thanks to the most diverse installation options and accessories

Tipo de construção

Slow-running submersible mixer with two-stage planetary gear reduction


  • Energetically optimized mixing and circulation of activated sludges
  • Generation of flow rates in circulation channels


Certification Booklet Wilo-EMU TR(E) / Wilo-Sevio MIX BG / Wilo-Sevio FLOW BG

Article Number 6074694
Edition 1712
Número da versão 04
Tamanho da página 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Número de páginas 32

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PDF: Wilo-Flumen EXCEL-TRE


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