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Industrial Water Pumps

Industrial Pump Manufacturers for 50+ Years

Scot Pump has manufactured End Suction Centrifugal pumps for the Industrial market for over 50 years. These products are made from the highest quality castings and components to provide years of trouble-free service. They are rugged, heavy-duty, simple designs for easy maintenance. Scot products perform in a variety of Industrial applications including:

  • HVAC Heating and Cooling
  • Pump Tanks
  • Tooling Towers
  • Dishwashers
  • Water Filtration
  • Dairy Cooling
  • Evaporative Condensor
  • Sparts Washers
  • Central and Portable Chillers
  • Extruders
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Quench Systems
  • Fluid Coolers
  • Industrial Water Heaters
  • Cooling Systems for Dynamometers and other Demanding Applications

Elite Cast Iron, Close-Coupled Pumps, 1750 RPM

Elite Cast Iron, Close-Coupled Pumps, 3500 RPM

Cast Iron, Close-Coupled Pumps

Welded Stainless Steel, Close-Coupled Pumps

Elite Cast, Close-Coupled Pumps

All Bronze, Close-Coupled Pumps

Specialty Products