Pump dimensioning – quick and easy

Wilo-Select 4 online – the pump consultant(線上wilo-select 4-泵浦顧問)

With the new Wilo-Select 4 online, you can now experience pump dimensioning in the 4th generation – flexible, convenient, efficient and powerful. What’s more, you will always have access to the latest product data via the Internet. Very easy online and available everywhere.

使用新的線上wilo-select 4,您即刻可體驗所設計的第四代泵浦量測尺寸,靈活性,方便性,高效能及強大功能。此外,您將可通過上網了解最新的產品資訊數據。即刻上網,隨處可用。

In just 4 steps you can access a product recommendation or reliable life cycle cost analysis (LCC Check).


  • Open operating costs preview
  • Select pumps for comparison
  • Check calculation specifications
  • Compare life cycle costs and payback periods
  • 打開預覽運營成本
  • 選擇泵浦進行比較
  • 檢查泵浦計算規範
  • 比較產品生命週期成本及投資回收期

The integrated comparison of life cycle costs (LCC Check) makes it very easy to determine the efficiency of existing pumps. Wilo-Select 4 online identifies the optimal replacement pump and delivers convincing results on a data sheet, detailing the calculated savings potential in euros and the payback period.

泵浦生命週期成本綜合比較(LCC Check)可以使得選用的泵浦表現得更有效率。Wilo-select 4線上確定最佳更換泵浦的型號且在數據表現上提供更令人信服的結果。詳細說明計算出來的節能潛能(歐元計價)及投資回收期

Wilo-Select 4 start

The option of product comparisons provides a foundation for targeted technical consultation and can serve as a basis for decision-making in customer meetings. A new and reliable selection of accessories for water supply, drainage and sewage applications can be accessed by means of an intuitive interface, enabling offers and tenders to be prepared quickly. Additional export functions and the facility to send offers and tender texts directly by e-mail guarantee efficient communication with your customers.


We recommend registration so that you can also get hold of list prices and other market-specific product information. The integrated personal project storage allows your configurations to be saved.


Your advantages


  • Convenient and easy to operate
  • Reliable product configuration with hydraulic calculations
  • Comparison of payback periods as well as operating and life cycle costs at a glance
  • Optimum aid for planning and customer consultation
  • 方便且易於操作
  • 該軟體具有液壓計算可信賴之產品配置
  • 一目了然投資回收期比較以及產品生命週期成本
  • 產品規劃及客戶諮詢的最佳輔助