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Wilo USA Summer Internship Program

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Wilo USA has been enjoying the summer alongside 11 interns who are gaining “hands-on” worked based experiences. Their field of internships includes Business, Engineering (Electrical, Industrial, and Mechanical), IT, Marketing, Operations, and Purchasing. Thank you to all the interns for their contributions and dedication. We are excited to see all that you will accomplish! Learn about the interns below.

2022 Summer Interns

Greta Dane - Marketing Intern

Greta will attend Indiana University in the fall to study Marketing and International Business. "What I've enjoyed the most so far is being involved with planning the Grand Opening and 150th Celebration event because it allowed me to be creative and network with new people."

Ryan Eastman - Manufacturing Production Intern

Ryan will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the fall. “My favorite project was building dividers in crates because of the challenge and sense of accomplishment completing it.”

Wyatt Hart - Industrial Engineering Intern

Wyatt is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and studying Industrial Engineering. “So far this summer, the 6S projects have been my favorite because I enjoyed learning about and implementing lean manufacturing.”

Patrick Knox - Industrial Engineering Intern

Patrick is currently attending Michigan Tech University studying Mechanical Engineering. “I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to interact in a professional environment and to have a voice in real outcomes.”

Austin Kody - Electrical Engineering Intern

Austin is attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and studying Mechanical Engineering. "So far, I have most enjoyed testing the control panels in the machine shop; this has allowed me to connect everything I have learned in the office in a hands-on way."

Samuel Last - Mechanical Engineer Intern

Samuel is currently attending Milwaukee School of Engineering and studies Mechanical Engineering.

“I have enjoyed working with other engineers on the water reclamation project where I can utilize CAD and go in the testing area to see how it will come together.”

Joe Poehlmann - Industrial Engineer Intern

Joe attends the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. "My favorite project has been learning how to implement 6S processes and Lean manufacturing techniques into various work cells to make them flow more efficiently."

Victor Serrano - Supermarket Intern

Victor is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and studying Accounting and Finance. "Having the creative freedom to create a new item location process in the Weil panels and Wilo machine shop has been great this summer."

Mason Servant - IT Intern

Mason attends Michigan Tech University and studies Cybersecurity/System and Network Security. “I’ve enjoyed working on a variety of projects at Wilo and am currently looking forward to furthering the harmonization of QuantumFlo into the Wilo network.”

Mason Thill - Purchasing Intern

Mason is attending the University of Wisconsin-Stout studying Business Administration and Supply Chain. "The project I’ve enjoyed so far is helping to reduce the number of suppliers at Wilo and to save money in the long run."

Ryan Zavorka - Mechanical Engineer Intern

Ryan is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying Mechanical Engineering.

“I have enjoyed working on 3D assemblies of different pump models because it is a real-world application of the CAD skills I learned in high school and college.”