Drainage and sewage

Strong partner for efficient and environmentally conscious sewage technology

Demands on pumps and pump systems, particularly in pumping untreated sewage, have greatly risen in the last few years. This is primarily down to urbanization and water scarcity worldwide. Effluent standards are changing, solid content in sewage has increased, and there is a longer dwell time in sewage networks. For this reason, particular importance is being attributed to pump life cycle costs—from acquisition and maintenance through to downtime and repairs.

Long-standing experience in the project work for sewage technology allows us to provide smooth processes and reliable system solutions. Whether it be pumping, mixing, aerating, filtering, or disinfecting of (waste) water that is concerned, our broad portfolio of products and system solutions will in any case provide you with a reliable and energy-efficient solution. Depending on demand, volume flow, and delivery head, you will find pumps at Wilo for a wide range of fluids, such as sewage, sludge, and sludge water, and abrasive or fibrous fluids. We particularly focus on the lowest possible wear and robust components in our solutions.

Our efficient solutions for a clean conscience

All buildings and households in the world produce sewage that must be reliably disposed of in order to meet hygiene standards and prevent noxious odors. However, in places where sewage doesn’t easily flow into the sewer system by means of gravity, efficient building services come into play. In summary, the following principles will need to be considered in the technologies and sewage concepts of the future:

  • Minimization of pollution in sewage
  • Reduction in sewage dilution (infiltration water)
  • Separation of sewage sub-flows (rainwater, drainage, and sewage)
  • Reduction in residues from sewage treatment
  • Use of sewage sub-flows (gray water, urine, etc.)

Future sewage concepts thus require the consultant and operator to keep a broad perspective in order to continue improving the cost-benefit ratio for human and environmental benefit.

Our efficient solutions are used primarily in these application areas:

Wastewater transport

Dewatering/Flood control

Wastewater treatment