Rainwater utilisation

Garden irrigation and cleaning of outdoor areas - clever, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly using rainwater

Rainwater utilization systems from Wilo pump water directly to the extraction points in the property. Rational use of rainwater is clever, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. With specially designed systems from Wilo, about 50% of the daily water requirement can be met using rainwater. This way, you can protect the environment and your household budget. Use the valuable liquid that nature provides: With rainwater, you can irrigate your garden and clean your outdoor areas, like patios or garden paths—an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to using drinking water. A rainwater reservoir in combination with a needs-based rainwater utilization system ensures uniform and low-noise irrigation. Sprinkling, watering, irrigating, and cleaning—where drinking water is too expensive, rainwater utilization is recommended, using a complete system from Wilo.