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Series description


Submersible sewage pump with single channel, multi-channel or vortex impeller for sewage as submersible monobloc unit for stationary and portable wet well and dry well installation. Motor available without (dry-motor) or with (self-cooling motors) integral cooling system.


Model Numbers

e.g.Wilo-EMU FA 08.34E + T 17.2-4/24K Ex
hydraulic:FA 08.34E
FASubmersible sewage pump
08Nominal diameter of the discharge (ANSI B16.1 Class 125):
08 (3“), 10 (4“), 15 (6”), 20 (8”), 25 (10”), 30 (12”); 35 (14”), 40 (16”), 50 (18”), 60 (20”)
34Performance indicator
EType of impeller:
E = single channel
Z = two channel
D = three channel
V = four channel
W = vortex channel
motor:T 17.2-4/24K Ex
TMotor version
17Overall size
2Distinctive number
4Number of poles
24x10 = package length [mm]
KMechanical seal version

Special features/product advantages

Technical data



Submersible sewage pump for stationary wet well, portable wet well (portable installation base is available on most pump models) and dry well installation.


The discharge flange is designed as a horizontal connection. The maximum allowable solids content is 8 %, depending on the viscosity, hydraulics and impeller type.

Impeller types are:

  • Vortex impeller (W)
  • Single-channel impeller (E)
  • Two-channel impeller (Z)
  • Three-channel impeller (D)
  • Four-channel impeller (V)

The single and multi-channel hydraulics (Z, D, V) are equipped with a mobile and stationary wear ring (depending on pump model). These contribute long-term to ensuring the uniform efficiency of the unit.


Air filled motors with no integral cooling system (T motors) conduct heat directly to the surrounding fluid via the housing components and can be used in submerged state for permanent operation. Depending on the size, they can also be used in a partially submerged or non-submerged state for short-term or permanent operation.

The oil-filled motors (F, FK motors) and air filled motors (FKT, HC motors) with integral cooling system conduct heat to the pumped fluid via a built-in heat exchanger. These motors are suitable for continuous operation in submerged, partially submerged, and non-submerged condition or for dry well installation.

All motors have a sealing chamber that protects the motor from fluid intrusion. It can be accessed from the outside and can be monitored with an optional moisture probe.

Motor is available with a standard power and control cable length of 33 ft (10 m) or cable is available in custom length per customer request. The cable entry on FKT, HC and T motors is longitudinally watertight. The standard cable is a type H07RN-F, type NSSHÖU cable for heavy mechanical loads is available per customer request. For FM approved motors the standard cable is a type NSSHÖU.


There is an sealing chamber between the motor and hydraulics. This is filled with medical white oil. The fluid-side and motor-side sealing is provided by two mechanical seals (block seal cartridge or two separate seals) which rotate independently of each other.


  • Motor housing: ASTM A48 Class 35/40B (EN-GJL-250)
  • Volute: ASTM A48 Class 35/40B (EN-GJL-250)
  • Impeller: ASTM A48 Class 35/40B (EN-GJL-250)
  • Static seals: Nitrile (NBR) or FPM (Viton)
  • Sealing on pump side: SiC/SiC
  • Sealing on motor side: SiC/SiC or C/MgSiO4 or C/Cr
  • Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 420 (1.4021)

Scope of delivery


Duty chart




Single-channel impeller

Vortex impeller

Multi-channel impeller

Open multi-channel impeller






Sealing chamber

Leakage chamber

Sealing by mechanical seal on motor side

Sealing by rotary shaft seal on motor side

Sealing by mechanical seal on fluid side

AC motor


Three-phase motor

Direct activation

Star-delta activation

VFD operation

dry motor

Motor with oil cooling

Dry motor with closed-circuit cooling


Wet well installation, stationary

Wet well installation, portable

Dry well installation, stationary

Dry well installation, portable


Motor leakage monitoring

Sealing chamber monitoring


Leakage chamber monitoring

Motor temperature monitoring, bimetal


PTC motor temperature monitoring


Explosion protection

Float switch


Capacitor box for 1~230 V





Pump housing

Cast iron


Cast iron

Motor housing

Cast iron

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