PDF: Wilo-EMU RZP 20… – RZP 80-2…


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Special features/product advantages
  • Vertical or in-line design
  • Self-cleaning propeller, in part with helix hub
  • Propeller in steel or PUR version
  • ATEX, FM and CSA version


Submersible mixers with flow housing, directly driven (RZP 20..., RZP 25-2...) or with single-stage planetary gear (RZP 50-3..., RZP 60-3..., RZP 80-2...)


  • Pumping sewage via low delivery heads at high flow rates, e.g. between equalization, nitrification and denitrification basins
  • Pumping of industrial, raw, pure and cooling water, e.g. in paint finishing systems or for secondary hot water treatment
  • Creation of fluid current in water channels, e.g. amusement parks

Technical data

Model Numbers

Example:Wilo-EMU RZP 50-3.31-4/8 S25
RZPRecirculation pump
50x 10 = nominal propeller diameter in mm
31x 10 = propeller speed in rpm
4Number of poles
8x 10 = stator length in mm
S25/K3S = welded propeller, specification of the blade angle in ° / K = PUR propeller, specification of the number of blades

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