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Special features/product advantages
  • Efficient energy usage.
    The innovative blade geometry and energy-efficient IE3/IE4 motors ensure the best possible specific thrust coefficient. At the same time, this reduces your energy and operating costs.
  • Consistently reliable.
    The low-wearing GFK/PA6 propeller is durable and scores with its self-cleaning effect.
  • Smooth running thanks to the balanced propeller load, even in high thrust ranges and when incoming flow conditions are unfavourable.


Slow-running submersible mixer reduced by two-stage planetary gear


  • Energetically optimized mixing and circulation of activated sludges
  • Generation of flow rates in circulation channels
  • Further areas of application in industry

Technical data

Model Numbers

Example:Wilo-EMU TRE 321.38-4/12
TRSubmersible mixer
EHigh-efficiency motor in accordance with premium class (IE3; derived from IEC 60034‑30)
3Number of blades
21x 100 = nominal propeller diameter in mm
38Propeller speed in rpm
4Number of poles
12x 10 = stator length in mm

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