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Groundwater Accessories

Wilo 4” Submersible Motors

Wilo 4" Submersible Motors

Features and Benefits

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61
  • Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Coal Bed Methane Series available for aggressive applications
  • Epoxy-fille stator for higher heat exchange
  • Removable plug-in lead cable
  • Pressure equalizing diaphragm
  • Automatic thermal overload protection

Technical Data

  • Electrical Connections: 1~115/230v and 3~230/460/575v
  • Max Temp: 95°F (35°C)
  • Available 2 or 3 wire connections
  • 48” cable length for ½-1½ HP models
  • 100” cable length for 2+ HP models
  • IP68 insulation
  • Call for special requirements!

Wilo 6” E - Encapsulated Submersible Motors

6” E - Encapsulated Submersible Motors

Features and Benefits

  • H.D. Sand Sealing System (3S)
  • Dual flange for easy connection
  • 5-60 HP

Technical Data

  • Available in 3~ 230/460/575v
  • NEMA standard flange
  • Durable Stainless Steel motor housing
  • Available 2 or 3 wire connections
  • Max Temp: 95°F (35°C)
  • IP68 insulation

Wilo 6" R - Rewindable Submersible Motors

6" R - Rewindable Submersible Motors

Features and Benefits

  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction standard: 5 HP thru 300 HP
  • 5-50HP in 6"
  • 30-90HP in 7"
  • 40-125HP in 8"
  • 125-300HP in 10"
  • All motors high temperature rated to 122°F (50°C)
  • All motors are rewindable:
  • 7" has 6" NEMA pump mount (7" x 6")
  • 10" motor has 8" NEMA pump mount (10" x 8")

Technical Data

  • Available 316 SS
  • 3~ 230/460/575/1000v
  • NEMA standard flange
  • pH 6.5-8.0
  • Durable Stainless Steel motor housing

8” - 12” Rewindable Submersible Motors

8” - 12” Rewindable Submersible Motors

Features and Benefits

  • CoolAct motor is self cooling
  • Rewindable motor stator
  • Voltages up to 6600v
  • Hi-temp models available
  • Custom power cable lengths
  • Cast Iron, 304SS, 316SS, Bronze, and Duplex SS configurations available
  • Optional PT100 thermistor

Features and Benefits

NPP - Series (special order)

The NEMA Pump Panels are provided with a motor disconnect and short-circuit protection. The motor overload protection comes with two types of protection. The standard pump panel comes with the melting alloy type thermal overload, or as an option, the panel can be provided with Solid-State overload protection. The Solid-State overload relays are designed to protect three-phase AC motors from overload, phase unbalance, and phase loss conditions. The Solid-State overload relay has a selectable trip; Class 10, Class 20, or Class 30.

Motor Controls Inc – NPP Series Pump Control Panel

  • NEMA type 3R steel enclosure with powder coating finish
  • Full gasket hinged door with provision for padlocks
  • UL listed and suitable for use as service equipment
  • Heavy duty flange Fusible disconnect switch
  • NEMA full voltage magnetic motor starter

Ambient compensated or a solid state overload relay with adjustable trip point and protection against loss of phase or unbalance.

  • Hand-Off-Auto Selector switch
  • Start push button
  • Door mounted overload reset push button
  • Fuses and overload heaters may be ordered separately; 3 require of each

NEMA 3R - Three-phase enclosure with Fused Disconnect

  • 60Hz 230/460V
  • 50Hz 220/380-415V
  • Industrial-duty NEMA starter with electronic overload (Class 10/20)
  • Control transformer with fused primary and fused secondary
  • Pump run switch. Three-position maintained HOA (Hand-Off-Automatic)
  • Control terminal board, numbered and wired
  • Fused lockable panel disconnect (Through the door interlock)
  • Mechanical interlock prevents door from being opened while disconnect is in the ON position (lock not included)
  • Requires 3x class LPJ fuses
  • Layout and schematic CAD diagrams available

Features and Benefits

  • Dry Run Detection
  • Flow Compensation/Sleep Mode
  • 2 Step Ramps (initial ramp)
  • Pipe Fill Mode
  • Built-in Motor Alternation Feature
  • No/Low Flow Detection
  • End of Pump Curve Detection
  • Pump Cascade Controller
  • Temp Range: 37°F to 122°F (3°C to 50°C)
  • Up to 3250' Elevation (call for additional applications)

Agriculture and Groundwater Brochure

Pumps and systems for agriculture, groundwater, irrigation and water supply.

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