The advantages for you as a consultant

Pump replacement—Creating sustainable solutions with the right replacement pumps

It’s something you know all too well as a consultant: old, uncontrolled, and inefficient pumps use far too much energy and are not very flexible in the face of imminent changes. When you’re looking for the best replacement, Wilo offers you the right solution for any field of application. Our high-efficiency replacement pumps can be quickly and easily integrated into existing system environments and are always state of the art.

And to make sure you save as much time and energy as possible, we offer a variety of useful consulting aids for your work.

Cutting-edge technologies—Always ahead of the curve

Whether it be new directives such as ErP, pioneering design solutions such as BIM, or high-efficiency pump technology, as pioneers and technology leaders in our industry, we are always discovering new optimization potential, which we are also quick to implement for you with highest quality.

Strong system expertise—Highly integrative with IF module

You can quickly and easily integrate Wilo pumps with the interface module into your existing building automation system. It supports all common standards like BACnet, CAN bus, and Modbus, ensures optimum system operation through process-relevant messages and measurement values, and also allows remote pump control.

Innovative consulting support—Software applications for your efficiency

We want you to be able to concentrate on what’s important: your work. This is why we also offer a selection of software applications aimed at effectively supporting you in your day-to-day work. These include online tools such as Building Information Modeling and the Wilo LCC Check for determining potential savings and payback periods.

Building Information Modeling—Wilo is BIM-ready

We are one of the first manufacturers to offer you extremely easy access to complete BIM product data for our heating pumps. For example, you can use BIM (Building Information Modeling) to integrate your dimensioning work even more efficiently into overall planning, and to make your collaboration with other project members much simpler. You can be sure:

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Wilo-Select 4 online—The pump consultant

With the configuration software Wilo-Select 4 online you can find the right pump for your application in seconds along with all the important information.

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Online CAD catalog—2D and 3D data for Wilo pumps

Exact 2D and 3D drawings can be quickly and easily downloaded.

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Wilo LCC Check—Calculate life cycle costs and potential savings

With the Wilo LCC Check you can quickly and accurately find the right replacement pump and assure your customers by showing them the calculated savings potential savings in euros and the exact payback period.

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The Wilo Assistant app—On-site consultation

With the Wilo Assistant app you can use important information and functions via your smartphone or tablet while consulting customers on site, since 95% of all functions require no Internet connection at all.

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The online product catalog—Just a few clicks away from all the important information

You will find all information about the Wilo product range, specific fields of application, installation and operating instructions, as well as technical pump details in our online catalog. With just a few clicks, you will get a series selection for your application.

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Extensive support in project work

At Wilo, you get everything from one source. Our experts are personally committed to supporting you throughout all project stages, from design and configuration through to commissioning. We also provide you with all the relevant information you need to make your project succeed and your work easier. To do this, we are happy to make our Wilo experts available to you in person, even on site.

Innovative technology

Wilo stands for innovative technology and worldwide expertise. We don’t just offer you the latest products—we also provide you with a holistic system solution that makes your design work easier.