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Wilo-Drain TS 40 | Wilo
Your advantages
Wilo-Drain TS 40

Your advantages

  • Simple handling thanks to low weight
  • Attached float switch and plug (A version) enable ease of use
Series description
Wilo-Drain TS 40


Submersible drainage pump


Pumping of

  • Sewage without faeces or long-fibre constituents
  • Wastewater


  • A-model with float switch and plug
  • Thermal motor monitoring
  • Integrated non-return valve
  • Hose connection



Technical data

  • Mains connection: 1~ 230 V, 50 Hz or 3~ 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Max. immersion depth: 7 m
  • Fluid temperature: 3 ... 35 °C
  • Cable length: 10 m
  • Pressure port: Rp 1½


  • Motor housing: 1.4301
  • Pump housing: PP-GF30
  • Impeller: PP-GF30
  • Shaft: 1.4404
  • Seal:
    • On motor side: SiC/SiC
    • Fluid side: SiC/SiC
  • Static gasket: NBR


Submersible drainage pump as submersible monobloc unit for stationary and portable wet well installation.


The outlet on the pressure side is designed as a vertical threaded connection Rp 1½ with an integrated non-return valve. Semi-open channel impellers are the impeller type used.


Single-phase or three-phase current version surface-cooled motors with thermal motor monitoring. In the single-phase version, motor monitoring switches automatically. The waste heat is given off directly to the surrounding fluid via the housing components. As a result, these units must always be immersed for permanent or intermittent operation.

A sealing chamber protects the motor from fluid ingress. The filling fluid used is potentially biodegradable and environmentally safe.

The detachable connection cable has a length of 10 metres and has bare cable ends. A version is equipped with a float switch and plug.


Fluid-side and motor-side sealing is performed by bidirectional mechanical seals.

Scope of delivery

  • Pump with 10 m connection cable and bare cable end
  • A-model with float switch and plug
  • Hose connection
  • Installation and operating instructions

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-Drain TS 50/65 & TP 50/65

Article Number 2046787
Edition 2014-07
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 208
PDF (13 MB)

Wilo-Drain TS 40

Article Number 2065337
Edition 2017-03
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 84
PDF (2 MB)

General overview

General Overview 2022 - International version

Edition 2022
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 78
PDF (38 MB)

Certificate REACH

REACH Regulation

Edition 2021-05
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 4
PDF (212 KB)