President Of Ghana Visits Wilo SE


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Increasing urbanisation and smart solutions

Growing urbanisation is presenting an ever greater challenge in Africa and large cities need infrastructure that can cope: “Ghana’s capital city, Accra, now has nearly 2.5 million inhabitants and the Greater Accra Region has over five million that all want to be supplied with water”, reported Dr Markus Beukenberg. “In regions with great potential, such as Accra, modern and smart solutions have to be found that allow living areas of this size to be habitable and to secure the continuity of water supply and sewage disposal.” In this scenario, intelligent pumps and smart solutions are the right way: “Only in this way can urban conurbations become advanced, future-orientated and sustainable ‘smart urban areas’”, said Dr Beukenberg.

As an example of this he stated, amongst other things, solar-powered borehole pumps or the development of so-called ‘water kiosks’, where clean drinking water is provided in rural areas using a technically complex purification process. These, in particular, have caught the president’s eye: “It is good to see that you have put your efforts into sustainable solutions, as this is the basis of a long-term commitment.”

Borussia Dortmund jersey as a present

The president took a tour of the Wilo headquarters in Dortmund as part of his visit, and was very impressed with the ongoing building work on the new Smart Factory which will be completed by 2020. After visiting Wilo, the Ghanaian delegation travelled on to Berlin for a meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In addition to the numerous positive impressions that President Akufo-Addo got during his visit to Wilo, he was also presented with a typical local gift: a signed jersey from the football club Borussia Dortmund, of which the Wilo Group is a long-standing Champion Partner – very much to the pleasure of the president who is a keen football enthusiast.ustainable ‘smart urban areas’”, said Dr Beukenberg.