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Wilo-EMU sprinkler pumps D..., K... and KM...

Series description


Multistage submersible pump in sectional construction with VdS approval for vertical or horizontal installation for supplying sprinkler systems


For pumping water without long-fibre and abrasive constituents for supplying sprinkler systems

Type key

Example:Wilo-EMU KM 1300S-2a + NU 801-2/60
Hydraulics:KM 1300S-2a
KM1300Basic hydraulics
STrimmed impeller
2Number of hydraulic stages
ADefined impeller diameter
Motor:NU 801-2/60
NUSubmersible motor (NU…, U…)
801Size (6... = 6"; 8... = 8"; 9... = 10"; 12... = 12"; 15... = 16")
2Number of poles
60Package length (cm)

Special features/product advantages

  • VdS certified
  • Heavy-duty version made of cast iron or bronze
  • Pressure shroud in corrosion-free and hygienic stainless steel version with rubber bearings for reducing noise and vibration
  • VdS-certified non-return valve available as an accessory

Technical data

  • Mains connection: 3~400 V/50 Hz
  • Submerged operating mode: S1
  • Max. fluid temperature: 25 °C
  • Max. sand content: 35 g/m3
  • Max. number of starts: 10/h
  • Max. submersion depth: 300 m
  • Protection class: IP 68


  • Multistage submersible-motor pump with semi-axial impellers
  • NEMA coupling (depending on type)
  • Three-phase motor for direct or star-delta start
  • Rewindable motors


Submersible pump for vertical or horizontal installation in tanks to supply sprinkler systems.


Multistage submersible-motor pump with semi-axial hydraulics. Housing parts made of EN‐GJL with 2K coating or G‑CuSn10, impellers made of G‑CuSn10. Guide housing with casing wear rings made of special bronze. Pressure connection as flange connection.


Three-phase motor with rewindable PVC‐insulated winding for direct and star-delta starting. Motor shroud made of A2/A4‐quality stainless steel or steel/G‐CuSn10. Pump connection up to 8" overall size as NEMA connection, as standardised connection from 10" and larger. Sealing of motor shaft by the use of a mechanical seal made of solid silicon carbide material.

Thrust bearing with rockers for absorption of high axial thrust. Negative axial thrust is absorbed by the counter-thrust bearing. Self-lubricating bearing. NU… series motors are filled with water‐glycol mixture as standard. Alternatively, they can be filled with drinking water (T version). U… series motors generally have to be filled with drinking water.


The motor is cooled by the pumped fluid. The motor must always be immersed when operated. Vertical installation is possible with or without cooling jacket. For horizontal installation, bearing brackets must be used for reinforcement of the unit. An anti-vortex plate or cooling jacket may be used to improve the inlet flow.

Pressure shroud

The pressure shroud is used for the direct installation of the unit in the pipe system. Standard models are without mounted non-return valves. The maximum inlet pressure is 10 bar or 5 bar on D 500 unit.


It is important to observe VdS regulation VdS CEA 4001:2005‐09 when installing sprinkler pumps. Please contact VdS for details.

Scope of delivery

  • Hydraulics + motor fully mounted
  • Connecting cable in accordance with VDE/KTW, cable cross-section and length per customer request
  • Installation and operating instructions


  • Standard versions available from stock with 25 m cable (supply availability indicated by "L")

Duty chart

Pump curves




NEMA connection

Standardised connection


Integrated non-return valve


Without non-return valve

AC motor


Three-phase motor

Direct activation

Star-delta activation

FC operation


Motor with cast stator


Rewindable motor

Oil motor filling


Water-glycol motor filling

Drinking water motor filling


Hydraulics/motor preassembled


Horizontal installation

Vertical installation


Motor temperature monitoring, PT100


PTC motor temperature monitoring


Dry-running protection



Bearing brackets for horizontal installation


Cooling jacket


Non-return valve


Pressure shroud



Motor housing (special version)

Stainless steel

Motor housing

Stainless steel

Impeller (special version)




Pump housing (special version)


Pump housing

Cast iron


Certification Booklet Wilo-EMU / Wilo-Zetos + NU / U-Motor

Article Number 6074549
Edition 1702
Version number 04
Page format A4
Number of pages 53

PDF (935 kB)


Clean Water

Page format A4
Number of pages 24

PDF (8 MB)


General overview

Edition 2017
Page format A4
Number of pages 72

PDF (46 MB)


Wilo-EMU pressure shroud pump with pre-filled motor

Version number 3.0
Page format A4
Number of pages 63

PDF (897 kB)


Wilo-EMU pressure shroud pump without pre-filled motor

Version number 3.0
Page format A4
Number of pages 63

PDF (967 kB)


Wilo-EMU borehole pump with pre-filled motor

Version number 3.0
Page format A4
Number of pages 77

PDF (1 MB)


Wilo-EMU borehole pump without pre-filled motor

Version number 3.0
Page format A4
Number of pages 67

PDF (998 kB)


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General Overview 2018

PDF: Wilo-EMU sprinkler pumps D..., K... and KM...


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