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Because water‘s a matter of the heart.

What if we supplied people all over the world with water? If we developed sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, from raw water to sewage? If our solutions covered the entire water cycle – and made life better and easier? If we did all that... then we’d be Wilo. Because with roughly 8,000 employees and decades of experience, we are already making all this a reality today.

At Wilo, we face the challenges of climate change, water shortages and population growth. Our passion lies in developing both innovative products and holistic solutions for everything having to do with water – from extraction to distribution to your building’s top floor, from irrigating countless hectares of land to sewage treatment. It is our tireless pioneering spirit that drives us to do better every day and meet the demands of our time.

We care about making the future sustainable – For you. For water. With passion.

„For fresh water - anywhere and anytime."

Baobab Foundation

Not everyone has equal access to water. Where you live makes all the difference. And then, there are constantly dwindling resources, changing water requirements and fluctuating ground water levels to contend with. Things get even stickier when the power supply is unreliable, making the use of pumps difficult. That’s what the BAOBAB Foundation in Kissi was up against. The foundation is committed to the education of children and young people in this rural region of Ghana. Kissi, a remote village spread across some five hectares, is home to more than 100 girls and boys, all of whom need access to fresh water. Submersiblepumps from Wilo bring ground water to the surface. However, they need a reliable power supply to work.

In response, Wilo adapted an alternative method to produce energy and to supply water at locations just like this – a pump that runs on solar power. Working entirely without an extensive infrastructure, this sustainable solution brings a reliable source of electricity and water to the village. That’s what matters in the end: Well thought-out system solutions that enable access to water under widely diverse operating conditions – whether in your garden well or to irrigate larger tracts of land. Pumps and systems have to operate reliably and efficiently at all times.Learn more about other highlight references from this and other fields of application!

Learn more about other highlight references from this and other fields of application!

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„For the ideal water pressure - in every building."

Black Lion Hospital

When the water pressure in your building is off, it can have serious consequences. Take Ethiopia’s Black Lion Hospital forexample, where the taps had run dry. For eight years, staff were forced to carry water up to the top floors in buckets in thecountry’s largest public referral hospital with up to 400,000 patients a year. This cost time and energy that was urgently neededelsewhere. The problem was finally solved when pressure-boosting systems from Wilo were installed, supplying the wholebuilding with water. Besides taking the burden off of staff, their main advantage is making sure the hospital environment isodour-free and hygienic.

However, not only high-rise buildings require efficient solutions for water pressure. Historic residential areas and upwardextensions can prove tricky. This is true for single-family and two-family houses as well as apartment buildings, schools andhotels. Requirements for the water supply are always different. That’s why Wilo provides flexible systems for pressure boostingfor every installation location that enable convenient and reliable supply of water.

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„For green spaces - in gardens and stadiums."

Croke Park

Whether big or small, when it comes to irrigating surfaces, reliability and efficiency are crucial. Look no further than Croke Parkin Dublin, Ireland. Europe’s third largest stadium serves as a venue for a wide variety of sporting and other events. Wilosolutions supply the entire stadium with hot and cold water. As a green stadium, sustainability is of the essence at Croke Park.That’s true both on and off the pitch: a perfect green pitch relies on excellent irrigation and drainage. At Croke Park, the sprinkler system has to supply and distribute water with constant, even pressure. This is the only way to prevent shading on the pitch surface. For maximum efficiency, the system also has to automatically respond to the number of sprinklers in operation at any one time. Wilo pumps make all this a reality.

Water is a valuable resource. Using it sustainably is essential in all areas of irrigation. At Wilo, we know this. That’s why we develop solutions for every application – from front yards and stadiums on one end of the scale to vast fields and arid zones on the other.

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„For clean solutions - in sewage transport."

Arche Hotel

Always a demanding task, pumping untreated sewage requires solutions that are sustainably safe and, above all, clean – as in the case of Arche Hotel in Lublin, Poland. Established in 2018, the complex boasts a hotel, ground-floor restaurant and underground garage on 5,000 m2. Wilo products guarantee reliable sewage transport throughout the building. Of central importance is keeping staff from coming into any contact with sewage. This includes avoiding all gas emissions, particularly hydrogen sulphide. Wilo’s solution is a pumping station with a solids separation system. By separating solids before they reach the pump, the system reduces failures due to pump blockages or damaged pump hydraulics to an absolute minimum.

When it comes to collecting and transporting sewage, holistic solutions are a must – no matter what type of building! Solutions like these set important standards in technical performance and cost-efficiency, safety standards and durability.

Learn more about other highlight references from this and other fields of application!

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