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Welcome to Wilo Nigeria!

We live pumps – take a browse and get to know us.

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Join the ecolution with Wilo and safe energy by replacing specific pumps.

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See how you can save up to 80% on your energy bill
compared with outdated pumps

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We celebrate our 150th anniversary this year.

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Wilo Nigeria

WILO is one of the world's leading premium supplier of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and industry. WILO SE started its foray into the Nigerian market in 2010. As part of its drive to put the premium pump manufacturer in the Nigerian map, a subsidiary was set up in 2013 with the name Wilo Pumps Nigeria Limited

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Our solutions for a sustainable future

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We all need water: At home and at work, in hospitals and in agriculture. We don’t just extract water; we distribute, convey, use, and purify it. With our holistic solutions, we open up the entire water cycle – it is one of the things we do best.

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Federation Tower Moskau, Russland

Discover Wilo solutions.

We offer a wide variety of intelligent pumps and systems to make our users’ everyday lives simply more pleasant.

Our energy-efficient solutions are not only ideally suitable for residential, public and commercial properties, but also for water management applications. Wilo products are used in heating, air-conditioning, cooling and water supply applications as well as for drainage and sewage.

What's New!

Wilo-EMUport CORE

Wilo EMUport CORE

Sewage solid separation system with no danger of clogging

Wilo Drainlift SANI family

The compact sewage lifting unit for residential and commercial buildings

Wilo-SiFire EN

Wilo-Sifire EN

Fully automatic water supply of fire extinguishing systems with a sprinkler system in residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings, as well as hotels, hospitals and department stores

News Update

14 Sep 2023

Customer Familiarization Visit

A fruitful visit was made by the Wilo Nigeria Team to one of our customers in Nigeria.

14 Sep 2023

Wilo Nigeria Water Management Workshop 2023

The WNG WM workshop was held in Abuja on Wednesday 16th August 2023 to cater to some of our existing customers in the water management segment in Nigeria.

14 Sep 2023

The 31st COREN Engineering Assembly and Exhibition

The COREN Engineering Assembly is an annual event organized by COREN to bring together engineering professionals, academics, researchers, and industry leaders to discuss current trends and issues in the engineering profession.