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Be the person who increases energy efficiency, enhances operational reliability and exceeds environmental requirements!

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Welcome to Wilo East Africa!

We live pumps – take a browse and get to know us.

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Keeping Up With Wilo East Africa

10 Jun 2024

Comparison of two products - assesment of profitability

Wilo-Select 5 online – design efficiently and stay on top of things

Always find the right solution for your project

13 May 2024

Startscreen of Wilo-Select 5

Wilo-Select 5 online – make the right decision quickly and reliably

Reduce design times with optimal pump selection

16 Apr 2024

Wilo-Select 5 online available

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Sewage treatment plant

Water Management

Building of the state ministry for urban development and the environment ("Behoerde fuer Stadtentwicklung")

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Chemical park


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