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Join the ecolution in water management

Energy and water shortages pose tough challenges for water management worldwide. Increasing energy costs, more extreme weather conditions and growing demands on wastewater treatment require environmentally friendly and economically viable answers. With the ecolution, we are facing up to change and actively helping to shape it! With our energy-efficient, operationally reliable and sustainably produced products, we are equipping the water management sector with future-proof solutions.

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Increase your energy efficiency.

Consultants and operators in water management like yourself face new challenges as a result of rising energy costs and more stringent guidelines for reducing CO2 emissions. Meeting these requirements requires innovative solutions in the form of future-proof pump systems with high degrees of efficiency. We’ll support you with high-efficiency pumps and smart pump control. Our innovative technology maximises overall efficiency and reduces your energy consumption.

Invest in energy-efficient solutions and reduce your energy consumption in the long-term.

Enhance operational reliability.

Less water in the sewer system, the disposal of fibrous materials in toilets and increasingly erratic and extreme weather patterns are causing expensive breakdowns in water management machine technology. Operators like yourself need to be able to rely on your pump systems. That’s why at Wilo we provide state-of-the-art sewage pumps with innovative hydraulic design, the latest motor technology and digital monitoring as a system solution for sewage technology. In this way, we ensure low operating costs by maximising operational reliability.

Use innovative system solutions for reliable and sustainable operation.

Exceed environmental requirements.

Water protection and increasing water shortages as a result of climate change require a more responsible use of water resources and new measures to ensure the required water quality.

You need reliable machine technology to remove micropollutants from the water using a downstream cleaning stage. Wilo provides you with sustainable and at the same time particularly efficient solutions. This way you can future-proof your systems, keep your operating costs low and even exceed environmental requirements.

Find out more about our efficient products and how they provide reliable support for your processes.

Ecolution Award 2024

– our award for those shaping the future of water management

Are you already embracing Ecolution in water management? Does your project demonstrate this? Then apply now!

The Ecolution Award 2024 is presented in three categories:

  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Enhancing operational reliability
  • Exceeding environmental requirements

The prize isn’t just the award itself and an invitation to the award ceremony – we’ll give your project the attention it deserves! Your project will become a Wilo highlight reference that we share worldwide via our various channels.