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Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2018

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WILO participated in the 16th Edition of Naivasha Horticultural Fair, Africa's biggest Horticultural Fair. The event was held on 21st - 22nd of September 2018 and attracted audience from accross the continent and Europe. Stakeholders in the horticultural industry showcased their products and services.

The Horticultural industry in East Africa generates billions of revenue annually hence its importance to the East African Economy and Africa in general. As a result, this event attracted thousands of members of public who visited various booths majorly to learn the various technologies being used in Horticulture. As a reliable partner in Agriculture, Wilo Show cased her various pumps and pump systems used in irrigation.
Since her inception in 1872, Wilo's innovative technology have characterised the product range. Wilo will continue being your trusted partner in Agriculture. We are glad to everyone who visited our stand.