Connect-Modules Yonos MAXO

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  • A universal module for the complete series that is suitable for single and twin-head pumps, for new installations and for retrofitting pumps that have already been installed
  • Dual pump management already integrated without the need for additional components
  • Plug connection allows easy installation
  • “Ext. OFF” function ensures soft switching on and off for the preservation of upstream switching elements
  • Monitoring of operational readiness via the building management system using collective run and fault signals
  • Integrated dual pump management with fault indication for the pump affected and automatic switchover in case of a fault

The flexible solution for building management system integration.

The Wilo-Connect module enables the optimal integration of the Wilo-Yonos MAXO into the building management system. Dual pump management is already integrated with no additional components required. The “Ext. OFF” function ensures a soft start. The power needed to activate the pump is significantly reduced, decreasing the impact on the upstream switching elements.

The pump operation is indicated by means of a collective run signal. The module can be used both in new installations and to upgrade existing systems.


Connect-Modules Yonos MAXO


Wilo-Connect Modul Yonos MAXO

Broj artikla 2211737
Izdanje 2020-04
Broj verzije 01
Format stranice 630.1 x 148.2 mm
Broj stranica 176

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