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Pump systems for commercial properties:

Your partner for any field of application

Energy efficiency, operational reliability, hygiene and reliability – anyone wanting to meet these complex requirements for continuous supply of large buildings needs an innovative partner. Wilo has this comprehensive solution expertise.
We provide high-efficiency pumps, which can be connected to a system according to demand and easily integrated into the building automation. One special feature are our smart pumps, which enable both local access for commissioning and maintenance and remote access for analysis and optimisation.

Because water's a matter of the heart.

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Water supply with Wilo:

Responsible and with maximum efficiency

Sustainability and climate protection are nowadays a significant design factor for the new construction or renovation of large, commercial buildings.

This also includes modern, resource-efficient and energy-efficient water supply.

Wilo provides state-of-the-art system solutions to ensure that our increasingly scarce drinking water resources are used responsibly.


for efficient water supply:

  • Raw water intake from wells
  • Rainwater utilisation using Wilo systems
  • Powerful pressure-boosting systems
  • Customised concepts for offices, administrative buildings, hospitals, hotels and airports

Our highlight products for efficient water supply

Highly efficient water-supply unit ready for connection.

Professional irrigation & Agriculture

For flexible design of fire-extinguishing systems.


Wilo-RainSystem AF 400

Automatic rainwater utilisation system with run-down tanks and 2 non-self-priming pumps.

Rainwater utilisation

The smart pressure-boosting system with low overall energy consumption.

Water distribution/Boosting

Autonomous, optimised water supply using solar power.

Raw water intake

Learn more about our solutions for water supply in commercial properties

Building drainage and flood control:

Efficient and environmentally-responsible wastewater and sewage technology

Safe sewage disposal in commercial buildings, for multi-storey buildings or for business premises is vital.
Whether it’s for toilets, showers or other drainage devices, Wilo provides reliable solutions for hygienically disposing of sewage and for the drainage of buildings and properties.

As well as pumps and pump systems, these also include solutions such as lifting units for deeper wastewater connections.
For the extreme case of high water, Wilo has portable and reliable pump solutions available, which can be very quickly connected on site.


for wastewater and sewage disposal:

  • Modern lifting units
  • Separation and mixed systems for sewage and rainwater
  • Sewage pumps with macerators for sewage with a high solids content
  • Special solutions for dewatering and flood control

Our highlight products for building drainage and flood control

The large double pump lifting unit for apartment blocks and commercial buildings.

Wastewater collection & transport

Oil and grease trap with a monolithic design, for installation in buildings.

Wastewater collection & transport

Submersible sewage pump for intermittent operation for stationary and portable wet well installation.

Wastewater collection & transport

Separate and transport solid substances. Clean, safe and reliable.

Wastewater collection & transport

The flexible drainage pump for a diverse range of fluids.


Learn more about our solutions for building drainage and flood control

Apartment Building Front


Our references for Building Services

The use of buildings increasingly requires the use of innovative and energy-saving systems made of optimally coordinated components. For single-, two- and multi-family homes as well as for commercial establishments, we offer high-tech pumps and systems which always provide a reliable and environmentally friendly supply.

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The Wilo-Service: A reliable partnership

Whatever your path looks like, we're going with you.

With Wilo as your partner, you can not only be sure of choosing high-quality product solutions, but also of benefiting from a comprehensive, worry-free package of well thought-out services. We collaborate to develop a service concept tailored to your individual needs; with our expertise and personal consultancy, we make sure that the operation of your systems is as energy-efficient, reliable and economical as possible. All the while our competent Wilo service technicians are ready to assist you with fast, reliable and on-time support.

We call it: Pioneering for You.

You can find out about our entire service portfolio and familiarise yourself with our services here.

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