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Your advantages
Wilo-Control MS-L1

Your advantages

  • Operationally reliable control of up to two pumps
  • Additional operational reliability thanks to separate level recording for high water level
  • Easy level measurement with float switches
  • Display of operating statuses via LEDs on the switchgear
  • Integrated alarm buzzer, mains-independent via 9 V battery (optionally available as accessory)
Series description


Microprocessor-controlled switchgear for level-dependent control of up to two submersible pumps.



  • “Drain” operating mode: For draining sewage chambers in water disposal
  • Configurable overload protection
  • Thermal motor monitoring
  • Pump kick function for 2 sec
  • Adjustable follow-up time up to 120 sec
  • Pump cycling after each run (for switchgear for 2 pumps)
  • Direction of rotation monitoring
  • High water alarm with forced switch-on of the connected pump(s)
  • Fault memory of the last fault
  • Enhanced functionality when used with lifting units; e.g. display service interval


  • Lockable main switch (depending on version)
  • Control panel with buttons
  • Display of the current operating or fault conditions via LED
  • Configurable electronic motor current monitoring
  • Configuration of individual functions using dip switches and potentiometers
  • Integrated alarm buzzer, mains-independent via 9V battery (optionally available as accessory)



Wilo-Control MS-L 1x4kW-DOL-x




Micro Control series


“Lift” version for water lifting applications


Number of pumps that can be connected


Maximum rated power P2 per pump


Starting mode: Direct activation


Versions: without = standard version with main switch S = with cable and plug without main switch O = without cable, plug and main switch (mains isolation device must be provided by the customer!)

Technical data

  • Mains connection: 1~230 V, 50/60 Hz or 3~400 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Max. rated power (P2) per pump: 4.0 kW
  • Maximum rated current IN per pump: 12 A
  • Activation type: Direct
  • Control voltage: 24 V DC
  • Ambient/operating temperature: -30 … +60 °C
  • Storage temperature: -30 … +60 °C
  • Max. relative humidity: 90 %, non-condensing
  • Max. switching capacity of alarm contact/SSM: 250 V~, 1 A
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Electrical safety: Pollution degree II
  • Housing material: Polycarbonate, UV-resistant


Microprocessor-controlled switchgear for level-dependent control of one, two or three submersible pumps with float switch for level measurement. The parametrization is carried out using dip switches and potentiometers.


1x…2x digital inputs* for float switch (pump on/off)

1x digital input for high water signal with float switch (high water alarm)

1x…2x inputs* for thermal winding monitoring with bimetallic temperature sensor. Connection of PTC sensors is not possible!


1x potential-free contact for the collective fault signal (SSM)

1x potential-free contact for the high water alarm (for switchgear for 2 pumps)

*Depending on the number of pumps that can be connected.


Caution! Signal transmitters are to be provided on-site. Switchgears are not protected against explosions and may only be used outside potentially explosive atmospheres. Signal transmitters within potentially explosive atmospheres must be connected through an intrinsically safe circuit, e.g. breakdown barrier or Ex cut-off relay. The direct connection of pumps within potentially explosive atmospheres is not possible!


Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-Control MS-L

Article Number 2552612
Edition 2022-05
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 40
PDF (5 MB)

Certificate REACH

REACH Regulation

Edition 2021-05
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 4
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