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Your advantages
Wilo-EMUport FTS

Your advantages

  • Maximum operational safety with separation of solids from the sewage: Large solids do not have to pass through the pump - no clogging
  • Cost-effective thanks to retrofit system for simple renovation of old pumping stations
  • Durable and corrosion-free due to the use of PE-HD material
  • Flexible scaling according to your requirements
  • Easy maintenance thanks to hygienic dry well installation and easy access from outside
  • Flexible installation in buildings or in chambers from 1,500mm diameter
  • Energy savings due to optional submersible sewage pumps with IE3 motors
Series description


Customizable sewage lifting unit with solids separation system for installation in a building or in a pump chamber for outdoor installation.


Pumping of untreated sewage that cannot be returned to the sewer system using natural falls, and for the draining of objects that are below the backflow level (according to DIN EN 12056/ DIN 1986-100).


  • Sewage lifting unit with solids separation system
  • Two solids separation reservoirs that can be shut off individually
  • Two dry-well installed submersible sewage pumps for alternating mode
  • Pumps in protection class IP55 or IP68
  • Also with IE3 motors
  • Level measurement according to customer request



Technical data

  • Max. inlet: FTS M…: 35 m³/h; FTS F…: 600 m3/h
  • Max. useable tank volume: FTS M…: 700 l; FTS F…: 12000 l
  • Max. delivery head: FTS M…: 50 m; FTS F…: 80 m
  • Installation depth below inlet floor: 400...2300 mm
  • Mains connection: 3~400 V, 50 Hz,


  • Collection reservoir: PE-HD
  • Solids separation reservoir: PE-HD
  • Pipework: PE-HD
  • Valves: Cast iron
  • Pumps: Cast iron
  • Pump chamber: PE-HD (for systems FTS MS and FTS FS)


Fully submersible sewage lifting unit ready for connection with solids separation. All-in-one gastight and watertight collection reservoir without constructive welded joints, as well as two separately-lockable solids separation reservoirs. The collection reservoir has rounded edges and the bottom of the basin is bevelled. This prevents deposits and the drying of solids. With pre-filtering in the solids separation reservoirs, the solids are filtered from the fluid and only pre-filtered sewage is directed to the collection reservoir. Pumping is performed by two high-performance submersible sewage pumps in versions IP55 or IP68 in dry well installation. The pumps are designed as a redundant double-pump system and run in alternating operation. Level management can be performed via three float switches or a level probe.

On request, the system can be equipped with automatic backflushing to the collection reservoir and installed directly into a pump chamber made of PE-HD. For management, the corresponding switchgear of the SC-L and CC-L series can be selected as an accessory.

Scope of delivery

  • Installation-ready sewage lifting unit
  • Two sewage pumps
  • Individual shut-off of the solids separation reservoirs
  • Discharge pipe junction with smooth pipe end
  • Valves


  • Other reservoir sizes and suction heads can be produced as requested by the customer, e.g. due to existing installation openings or door dimensions.
  • Inductive flow rate measuring instrument with slide valve
  • Switchgear with level measurement
  • Lighting
  • Slide valve for inlet
  • Flange outlet for inlet and discharge pipeline
  • Flush connection

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-EMUport FTS MG...., MS..., FG..., FS...

Article Number 6046657
Edition 2013-09
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 156
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General overview

General Overview 2023 - International version

Edition 2022
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 74
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Certificate REACH

REACH Regulation

Edition 2021-05
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 4
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