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Increase energy-efficiency

Energy efficiency and digital connectivity are crucial innovation drivers in building automation. Wilo high-efficiency pumps do more than simply reduce operating costs. They can also be easily integrated into different automation environments thanks to flexible and modular interfaces. Learn more about our smart connected solutions for smart connected buildings.

Energy-efficient pumps and pump systems Networked pumps and pump systems

Simplify commissioning

The easier and faster a pump can be installed and put into operation, the sooner it develops its full savings potential. The intuitive commissioning and parameterisation supports specialist installers in reducing installation times and planning customer visits more efficiently. Learn more about product solutions and technologies that simplify your everyday work and staff planning.

Guided commissioning via the pump display Commissioning with the help of your smartphone

Enhance operational reliability

Technical building equipment for highly automated industrial complexes, hospitals or commercial facilities must function without breaking down 365 days a year. Smart pumps and digitally networked pump systems also support predictive maintenance via remote access. This way, the technical staff on site have a round-the-clock view of the building and its functions.

Networked pumps and pump system Easy usability

Exceed environmental requirements

Energy crises and national climate action programmes are leading to a rethink in building planning: Modern housing facilities, industrial or office complexes are no longer digitally connected alone. They also support sustainable and safe water supply, use and disposal. As early as the planning phase, consider technologies that your customers will benefit from on a daily basis.

Drinking water hygiene Energy-efficient pumps and pump systems Networked pumps and pump systems