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We are represented in Canada through a strong network of sales partners.

For Water Management / Industrial inquiries, please contact our Canadian Head office.

British Columbia

Sales Representative
Olympic International

Phone: +1 604-986-1400
Send e-mail: reception@olympicinternational.com
Website: www.olympicinternational.com


Sales Representative
Nu-Trend Industries Inc.

Phone: +1 403-247-4342
Send e-mail: jbrown@nu-trend-ind.com
Website: www.nu-trend-ind.com


Sales Representative
Dynamic Agencies LTD

Phone: +1 306-343-1901
Send e-mail : info@dynamicagencies.com
Website: www.dynamicagencies.com

Ontario - Ottawa

Sales Representative
Klimar Agencies Ltd.

Phone: +1 418-840-9968
Send e-mail : info@klimar.com
Website: www.klimar.com


Sales Representative
Hydronitech Inc.

Phone: +1-514-979-3148
Send e-mail : farid.bahiou@hydronitech.ca
Website: www.hydronitech.ca

Atlantic Canada

Sales Representative
Thomas Industrial Sales Ltd.

Phone: +1 800-663-6919
Send e-mail: daront@thomasindustrial.ca
Website: www.thomasindustrial.ca

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

Terry Thibodeau
C: +1 506-850-0287
Send e-mail : terryt@thomasindustrial.ca

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Ken Harrington
C: +1 902-478-0833
Send e-mail : kenh@thomasindustrial.ca

Ontario - GTA

Sales Representative
Marc Halter

Phone: +1 647-969-9456
Send e-mail : marc.halter@wilo.com

Ontario - Southwestern/Northern Ontario

Sales Representative
Sean McGregor

Phone: +1-226-228-2011
Send e-mail: sean.mcgregor@wilo.com