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Be the person who increases energy efficiency, enhances operational reliability and exceeds environmental requirements!

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Welcome to Wilo Vietnam!

With more than 140 years of experience following the Wilo Group – one of the world's largest pump manufacturers, and nearly 20 years in Vietnam with POMPES SALMSON Representative Office, Wilo Vietnam have the capacity and experience in their fields of activity. Wilo pumps are designed for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly.

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Federation Tower und weitere Gebäude in Moskau


Wilo Building Services in the area of heating, air conditioning and cooling – your advantages at a glance

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Water Supply

Designing water supply responsibly and efficiently with Wilo

Digester at wastewater treatment plant

Drainage and Sewage

Strong partner for efficient and environmentally conscious sewage technology


17 Jun 2024

Comparison of two products - assesment of profitability

Wilo-Select 5 online – design efficiently and stay on top of things

Always find the right solution for your project

20 May 2024

Startscreen of Wilo-Select 5

Wilo-Select 5 online – make the right decision quickly and reliably

Reduce design times with optimal pump selection

18 Apr 2024

Wilo-Select 5 online available

All the new features at a glance