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We celebrate our 150 years anniversary this year.

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Wilo-World - Key Visual - Fictional city with parts of Moscow (Federation Tower)


In our interactive Wilo-World, you can learn more about us as a company, about current topics from the industry and about out products and solutions that are in use around the world.

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Installer is holding a smart phone in his hand, on the screen you can see the Wilo-Live Assistant in use

Wilo-Live Assistant

Fast instant help via video chat

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Wilo-Actun ZETOS Details
Wilo-SiBoost Smart Helix EXCEL Details
Wilo-EMU TR 50-2… – TR 120-1... Details
Wilo-EMUport CORE Details
Wilo-Helix VE Details
Wilo-Stratos GIGA Details


Wilo Pump Replacement Tool

Find a more efficent type to replace your old pump

Or use the navigation of the replacement guide to get step by step to your suitable solution

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Federation Tower Moskau, Russland

Discover Wilo solutions.

We offer a wide variety of intelligent pumps and systems to make our users’ everyday lives simply more pleasant.

Our energy-efficient solutions are not only ideally suitable for residential, public and commercial properties, but also for water management applications. Wilo products are used in heating, air-conditioning, cooling and water supply applications as well as for drainage and sewage.

Our sectors

Smart solutions in times of global mega-trends

Wilo is a premium supplier for building services, water management and industrial applications. We make complex technologies user-friendly, simple to use, energy-efficient and high-performance.

Wilo produce a range of pumps and pump systems for both residential and commercial building services. From HVAC to water supply and drainage, Wilo has you covered.

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When it comes to Water Management - be it raw water extraction, water transport or drainage and sewerage, Wilo offers a range of products and can work consultatively with you to provide the right solution.

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Keeping your installations in the best health is vital for the smooth operation of your system. Wilo Lebanon have great service offerings for maintenance and/or repair for when things go wrong. We can also help you out with genuine spare parts and advice direct from the manufacturer.

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29 Jun 2022


Dortmund. The Wilo Group wins the prestigious German Brand Award for the seventh time in a row.

12 Apr 2022

Wilo achieves record sales

Multinational technology group Wilo ends the fiscal year 2021 with sales of nearly 1.7 billion euros.

23 Mar 2022

Wilo at Expo 2020 Water Business Forum

The Expo 2020 Water Week brought businesses together in an effort to create new opportunities for communities, while also improving water resources and ecosystems.