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Vogelperspektive auf Weltkugel mit Datenströmen

Wilo Worldwide

As an international premium manufacturer of pumps and a world-leading driver of innovation, close proximity to our customers and partners is a necessary target. With our wide-ranging and efficient network of production and sales companies close to our customers, Wilo also has a contact point for your questions and requirements close to you.

We are at home on every continent

As a reliable partner, maintaining proximity to our customers is of the utmost concern. We seek to identify new requirements first-hand and offer custom-tailored solutions that help our customers move forward and avoid setbacks.

With more than 60 production and distribution companies worldwide, we maintain a presence on every continent.

This ensures that we are able to respond to new growth markets and rising demand for high-performance technologies at all times.

We are also taking targeted action to continuously expand our global businesses: In 2011 we opened our new Near-East Central Office in Turkey and state-of-the art production sites in China.

Our distribution companies around the world

In addition to its own numerous international production sites, the Wilo Group also has a worldwide network of more than 60 subsidiaries. This allows us to serve our customers locally and supply them with custom-tailored solutions and products as quickly as possible.

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Primary production locations

  1. Germany

    Dortmund, Hof, Oschersleben

  2. France

    Laval, Aubigny

  3. China

    Beijing, Qinhuangdao

  4. India

    Pune, Kolhapur

  5. Turkey


  6. Korea


  7. Russia

    Noginsk (Moscow region)

  8. USA


  9. Italy


  10. UAE


Worldwide production network

Wilo building in Zaanstad (Netherlands) at night

With the new manufacturing site in Russia starting up in mid-2016, the Wilo Group is now manufacturing pumps and pump systems at 13 main production sites in Europe, Asia and America.

In accordance with the global production strategy (GPS), the production sites in these locations form the production network in the closer sense and are coordinated and controlled accordingly.

Additional smaller sites such as Bari, Wülfrath and Chemnitz develop and manufacture highly specialised products, such as water supply and wastewater treatment systems. In addition to this, products for local markets are assembled in numerous locations. In this way, we can ensure that local requirements are met with the shortest-possible delivery times to the customers.

Tightly knit sales network

In total, the Wilo Group has an efficient network of more than 60 production and sales companies close to customers in more than 50 countries. Together with numerous other representatives and independent distribution and service partners, this is how Wilo ensures that customer requirements and needs are fulfilled worldwide, at any time and with top quality.