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Voda Dirt Separators | Wilo

Voda Dirt Separators

The dirt separator for more comfort and higher performance.

Your advantages
Wilo-Voda Dirt 1"

The dirt separator for more comfort and higher performance.

Wilo-Voda Dirt is the ideal solution to provide continuous dirt particle removal in closed heating and chilled water circuits in commercial buildings. The dirt separator protects boilers, pumps and fittings of large closed heating and cooling systems through the total removal of dirt particles, including magnetic ones, and extends in this way the service life of pumps, control equipment and other system accessories. Wilo-Voda Dirt also offers benefits in the event of application in old systems or when an open system is converted to a closed system.

Your advantages

  • Higher efficiency of the heating and chilled water system thanks to the intelligent “open closed” principle of the float valve
  • Higher reliability and less maintenance for all the components in the pump and boiler system thanks to removing free dirt particles out of the system
  • Easy and efficient dirt removing including magnetic particles for flanged versions
Series description


Dirt separators


  • Closed heating and cooling systems.



Voda Dirt 1"

Voda Dirt

Family name dirt separator

Technical data

  • Maximum working pressure: 10.0 bar
  • Maximum working temperature: 120 °C
  • Maximum flow velocity: 1.5 m/s
  • Suitable for addition of glycol-based anti-freeze up to 50%
  • Brass housing, corrosion resistant internals.