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From water supply to sewage treatment:

The partner for tailored system solutions

The requirements for municipal water management are complex and constantly increasing. Wilo is the system expert, supporting its partners in all areas with tailored solutions. Our pumps, systems and solutions are characterised by maximum operational reliability and sustainable energy efficiency. Our customers benefit from our decades of experience and the latest know-how for future-proof water supply and sewage disposal. We provide comprehensive support from design to implementation, even for complex projects.

Because water's a matter of the heart.

For You. For Water. With Passion.

Efficient water supply:

System solutions for reliable and efficient water supply

Supplying water has always been one of the great challenges in human history.

Climate change, increasing demands on water quality and the growth of the world’s population make this important task even more challenging in today’s world.

With intelligently digitalised and energy-saving pump systems, Wilo helps make sure that raw water intake, treatment and supply are comprehensive and future-proof.


for efficient water supply:

  • Highly efficient and thus energy-saving pump systems
  • Pumps, accessories and services for the entire water cycle
  • Digitalised products to optimise supply processes

Our highlight products for efficient water supply

Efficient raw water intake for all fields of applications.

Raw water intake

Electronically controlled glanded single pump in monobloc design with flange connection and automatic power adjustment.

Professional irrigation & Agriculture

The standard pump for universal applications and a long service life.

Raw water intake, Distribution/Boosting, Irrigation

Axially split case pump for reliable operation and energy-efficient transport of large volume flows through extensive distribution networks.

Raw water intake, Distribution/Boosting, Irrigation

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Sewage and wastewater disposal:

Reliable and energy-saving system solutions

Significantly increasing requirements with cost pressure at the same time - wastewater and sewage disposal will have to be more intelligent, environmentally-friendly and reliable in the future.

For this, Wilo has developed innovative process solutions and an ultra-modern, comprehensive product portfolio, thus creating new strategic possibilities for operators of wastewater treatment plants and wastewater companies.


for sewage and wastewater disposal:

  • Long-term reliable pumping stations ready for operation
  • Efficient products for dewatering and flood control
  • Digitally supported processes for increased cost-effectiveness
  • Comprehensive service – from design to maintenance

Our highlight products for sewage and wastewater disposal

Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q mit Nexos-Intelligenz

The intelligent system solution for a smart sewage pump station.

Wastewater collection & transport

High energy saving and digital operating convenience for more economical waste water management.

Wastewater collection & transport / Dewatering

Pumping of untreated sewage, sewage containing faeces and wastewater.

Wastewater collection & transport

The pressure drainage system with Nexos Intelligence.

Wastewater collection & transport

Slow-running submersible mixer

Slow-running submersible motor agitator with two-stage planetary gear reduction.

Wastewater treatment

Aeration system consisting of tube diffuser and pipeline system to distribute compressed air.

Wastewater treatment

Low-speed vertical mixer with gear motor.

Wastewater treatment

The most effective solution for draining stormwater retention tanks and pump sumps.

Wastewater treatment

The portable submersible pump for reliable and long-term drainage of excavations.


Learn more about our solutions for sewage and wastewater disposal

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Our references for Water Management

Water management is the segment in the areas of water supply and drainage & sewage, in which we have a great know-how and many years of expertise. All Wilo pumps and systems are highly technologized and specialized, to meet your specific requirement.

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The Wilo-Service: A reliable partnership

Whatever your path looks like, we're going with you.

With Wilo as your partner, you can not only be sure of choosing high-quality product solutions, but also of benefiting from a comprehensive, worry-free package of well thought-out services. We collaborate to develop a service concept tailored to your individual needs; with our expertise and personal consultancy, we make sure that the operation of your systems is as energy-efficient, reliable and economical as possible. All the while our competent Wilo service technicians are ready to assist you with fast, reliable and on-time support.

We call it: Pioneering for You.

You can find out about our entire service portfolio and familiarise yourself with our services here.

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