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Salmson becomes Wilo

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Since 1984, the French pump and pump systems manufacturer Salmson has been part of the Wilo Group, a global specialist in high-tech pumps and pump systems.

Until now, the two brands – Salmson and Wilo – have been marketed side-by-side by Wilo Salmson France SAS.

However, a change of strategy is now underway. In light of market trends and the digital transformation, the company has taken the decision to concentrate on Wilo, the Group’s international brand currently enjoying strong growth, as its sole brand. Salmson products will gradually be replaced by Wilo products and the Salmson brand will disappear over time.

The sales teams, technical support, departments and customer contacts will all remain the same to ensure that customers and partners experience flawless continuity.

“Adapting the positioning of our brands is a key part of our global growth and local presence strategy. This will enable us to strengthen our presence in France and in other markets in a sustainable manner, in particular in Italy, Africa and Argentina,” explained Oliver Hermes, CEO of the Wilo Group. “By adjusting our brand image to meet Wilo’s global standards, we will be able to take advantage of all available synergies to meet growing demand for communication-capable products and interconnected solutions, to which our customers and partners will have priority access,” said Hermes.

Strengthening 25 years of partnership and cooperation

To date, Salmson and Wilo products have been marketed in parallel. “The French pump market has seen development cycles accelerate, and the digital transformation has become an everyday reality. For this reason, concentrating on a single brand, the Wilo brand, will enable us to create value for our customers more efficiently with a more consistent brand image,” said Philippe Marjollet, CEO of Wilo Salmson France.

The German manufacturer Wilo has been sharing its savoir-faire in pump development, production and marketing with Salmson since 1984. “With our customers’ support, we have successfully set high standards in terms of quality, reliability and service. Today, while preserving our expertise and the reactivity that our ‘Made in France’ status affords us, we have the opportunity to offer more innovation and a wider product series with the Wilo brand,” emphasised Philippe Marjollet.

This new phase will see an intensification of the 25 years of partnership that Salmson and Wilo have enjoyed to date: “With a more consistent brand image, we will position ourselves more clearly than before as a supplier of complete solutions, and thereby widen our areas of expertise,” concluded Oliver Hermes.