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Wilo Egypt introduces innovative solutions for wastewater treatment and raw water intake during the Infra Africa & Middle East exhibition

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Wilo constantly seeks to provide latest wastewater treatment technologies that protect the environment while saving power and water: Yasser Nagi

Wilo Egypt has introduced its special pump system ‘Wilo-EMUport CORE’ during the Infra Africa and Middle East exhibition which was held in Cairo last week.

The new technology separates the sewage into solid material and pre-cleaned sewage, providing considerable benefits compared to conventional pumping systems.

With this system, larger solid materials don’t need to be transferred by the pump hydraulics. The coarser particles are collected in the solids separation reservoirs, while the pre-cleaned sewage flows back through the pump into a collection reservoir. Once this reservoir is filled, one of the two pumps pushes the pre-cleaned sewage out of the collection reservoir--based on the liquid level--and through the solids separation reservoir.

"We are always keen to foster our relationship with our customers. Through our booth in the exhibition, we introduced to them the systems and services we provide pursuing our strategy ‘Wilo brings the future,’" said Yasser Nagi, Wilo Egypt's Managing Director.

"The exhibition offered an excellent opportunity to share our success story in protecting the environment by saving power and water,” he added.

“Wilo has always been known for its strong portfolio of products, especially in water management services, including sewage treatment and raw water intake and transfer,” he added.

'Wilo brings the future' is the motto of the Dortmund-based manufacturer of pumps and pumping systems.

Fouad Ahmed, Marketing Manager for the Middle East region, also stressed that the three day exhibition, held at Cairo International Convention Centre, created a favourable opportunity to attract new clients and promote the company's products.“

Infra Africa & Middle East provided a great opportunity to meet with our existing clients, attract new ones, promote our latest technologies and meet with contractors, consultants and government authorities," Ahmed said. Wilo has recently installed its solid separation system at Dubai Metro to prevent sewage blockage. This marked the system's debut in the Middle East. The company aims to install many of its systems across the region in the near future.