Water purification

High-efficiency technology saves on resources and operating costs

Drinking water or process water treatment, cooling water conditioning, as well as washing/rinsing system optimisation. These are only a few examples of where water is treated for special applications. Ongoing challenges, such as increasing solid content in sewage, which aggravates operating conditions for systems and devices, require new and innovative solutions to improve processes and the associated products. Another factor is energy usage.

In view of global climate change, low energy consumption – and therefore also low life cycle costs – is currently the most influential market issue, and will continue to be in future. The high-efficiency technology developed by Wilo offers enormous potential for saving water resources and, in doing so, reducing costs. Therefore, Wilo pumps are used worldwide in such applications.

From municipal applications to industry solutions

In wastewater treatment plants, industrial sewage is treated to remove the harmful constituents from it. Sewage must be treated in a lengthy and costly process before the resulting product can be returned to the water supply safely. Experts in this field are under constant pressure to save on costs, whilst still meeting the requirements of national regulations and laws. With the highly efficient technology that it has developed, Wilo offers enormous potential in conserving water resources and reducing costs at the same time.

Wilo also demonstrates its expertise in the area of drinking water treatment. As plant engineers for complete solutions, Wilo-EMU Anlagenbau offers long-standing experience in the area of drinking water treatment for design and project planning as well as for the complete implementation of process and control technology.

The Wilo range of services in drinking water treatment includes, among others,

  • removal of iron and manganese
  • de-acidification (physical and chemical)
  • membrane filtration (ultrafiltration)
  • UV disinfection
  • activated carbon filtration