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Your customers can save up to 80% on electricity costs!

Your customer is always satisfied when the heating works reliably and the electricity bill remains affordable. The latter is quite a challenge at the moment, since electricity prices are increasing rapidly. Homeowners are therefore grateful for any advice when it comes to opportunities for savings. Show your customers that switching to high-efficiency pumps always pays off.

Small investment, high payoff for your wallet.

With a switch to our high-efficiency Wilo-Stratos PICO, you can help your customers achieve energy savings of up to 80% compared to uncontrolled heating pumps.

Put your trust in energy efficiency and innovation – start the “ecolution” with us!

Our energy-saver example:

Heating, air conditioning, cooling

With the Wilo-Stratos PICO, your customers can save up to 6.600 kWh* and up to €2.800 over a period of 15 years.

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Discover our consultation services

Do you need support in analysing your customer’s existing pumps for a proactive replacement? Our Wilo Service team will be happy to advise you!

Replacement guide

Find a more efficient pump type to replace your old pump.

Determine your potential savings

Calculate your potential savings compared to an old, uncontrolled heating pump.

* “Blauer Engel” load profile (6,000 hr/year); electricity price: 0.30 €, assumed yearly increase in electricity costs 5%; period under review 15 years; Wilo-Stratos PICO 25/0.5-6 compared to Wilo-Star-RS 25/70r