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Water Quality Systems

The ideal solution for a precise pressure in heating and cooling applications.

The treatment of water in closed heating and cooling systems is crucial for avoiding harmful microbiological fouling, corrosion and scale in the system. These results cannot only cause unpleasant sounds in pipes and radiators but also energy waste, poor system performance and reliability as well as the need for early replacement of the plant and the components. Therefore water quality is a central topic in building services.

Wilo-Water Quality Systems enable a constant pressurization, de-aeration and topping up in sealed heating installations (acc. to EN 12828) and chilled water (cooling) installations.

The products of the Wilo-Water Quality Systems use proven and innovative technology to remove air and solid particles from the water, i.e. using coalescence and flow velocity reduction. Regardless of whether in a domestic environment or commercial installations with large heating or cooling systems, our series of pressure-maintaining systems, degassing automats, air and dirt separators and automatic air vents provide the most efficient solution.

Pressurization, de-aeration
and topping up

Pressurization, degassing, topping up, air-
and dirt separation