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Sistem de scurgere sub presiune cu Nexos Intelligence

Sistem de scurgere sub presiune cu Nexos Intelligence: conexiune inteligentă pentru fiabilitate și eficiență sporită.

Pomparea apei uzate netratate devine tot mai solicitantă din cauza condițiilor de alimentare diferite, care adesea duc la înfundarea rețelei de conducte sub presiune. Instalația inovatoare de scurgere sub presiune cu rețele Nexos Intelligence monitorizează și controlează fiecare stație de pompare pentru scurgere sub presiune fiabilă și eficientă energetic.

Application-specific challenges:

Increasing solids and fat content

The economical use of precious water resources almost goes without saying these days, although it also increases the share of increasingly fatty solids in sewage to the same extent. The pumping of sewage is proving to be increasingly more complicated because of this.

Minimum flow rates in collector pipes

  • Drainage pipes must be correctly sized to allow the sewage to flow and prevent clogging.
  • Pipes which are too small cannot receive sewage. In pipes which are too large, there is the risk of faeces and solids remaining and collecting, which also leads to clogging.
  • If too few pumps are working at the same time, sewage quantities vary depending on the time of day and the time of year. Consequently, pumping stations are not continuously in operation, which means that pressure drainage systems transport too little sewage about 70 % of the time. The irregular volume flow not only increases energy costs, it also causes deposits and even clogging in the pipes.

Deposits and clogging

  • Deposits reduce the outflow cross-section and, in the worst cases, lead to clogging. Many deposits would be avoidable, as they occur partly because pipe networks with numerous small, autonomous pumping stations cannot guarantee the minimum and maximum flow rates of 0.7 m/s and 2.3 m/s respectively in the collector pipelines.
  • The irregular volume flow increases energy costs and causes deposits and even clogging in the pipes which the operator, often municipal authorities, must remedy at considerable effort and cost – from once per year up to every three weeks.

High operating costs

Flow rates which are too low lead to deposits and clogging which must be dealt with at great cost. Flow rates which are too high lead to higher friction loss and thus higher energy costs, and, in extreme circumstances, even pipes breaking and pumps becoming damaged.

Lack of control and transparency

Drainage systems are built underground and are mostly not connected so it is not possible to access the current system status – remote control is not possible. A system overview can only be established “live” on location, which means no transparency and overview of threats such as potential clogging can be provided.

Instalație de scurgere sub presiune cu Nexos Intelligence

  • Debitul optimizat în conductele colectoare asigură eficiența energetică și funcționarea fără înfundare a instalației de scurgere sub presiune.
  • Exploatarea pompelor este rentabilă, pentru că regimul lor de lucru este optimizat pentru funcționare fiabilă cu uzură redusă.
  • Aceasta conduce la reducerea costurilor de exploatare și întreținere a conductelor municipale de canalizare.
  • Costurile de exploatare sunt reduse prin detectarea timpurie a defecțiunilor și prin depanare targhetată.
  • Instalațiile conectate în rețea și transferul digital de date facilitează gestionarea online a fiecărei stații de pompare.
Acum. Soluții care pompează mai mult, mai sigur.

Scurgere sub presiune cu Nexos Intelligence

Instalația de scurgere sub presiune cu Nexos Intelligence vă permite conectarea completă, monitorizarea și controlul instalației de scurgere sub presiune. Este formată din cămin pentru pompă Wilo-Port 800, pompa submersibilă pentru ape uzate Wilo-Rexa CUT cu tocător, panou electric Wilo-EC Lift cu antenă radio, gateway și software de operare. Toate stațiile de pompare sunt conectate digital între ele și la un sistem centralde control prin software. Acesta controlează stațiile de pompare și le scurge în funcție de algoritmi dezvoltați individual, ori în etape, ori la intervale stabilite. Această soluție inteligentă asigură debit optim în conductele colectoare și stațiile de pompare colectoare, minimizând riscul de depuneri și înfundare.

Monitorizare și control de la distanță

Toate informațiile despre stare sunt colectate pe un server central, ceea ce înseamnă că orice mesaj de eroare este detectat devreme și este comunicat prin mesaj text și e-mail. Acest lucru face posibilă intervenția targhetată, prevenind daune suplimentare în instalație.

În plus, Nexos Intelligence oferă posibilitatea de a controla fiecare stație de pompare sau toate stațiile de pompare împreună. Mai ales în timpul lucrărilor de întreținere la stațiile de pompare colectoare, acest lucru permite dezactivarea temporară a întregii instalații de scurgere sub presiune și, prin urmare, evitarea refluxului.

Analiza instalației

Starea de funcționare a fiecărei stații de pompare este vizibilă în orice moment pe calculator. Sunt disponibile funcții de analiză detaliată, inclusiv cele mai importante informații despre starea instalației. În acest fel, informațiile colectate pot fi afișate, analizate și evaluate simplu – de la curbe de proces zilnice detaliate până la evaluări anuale complete.

Conectarea inteligentă a instalației de scurgere sub presiune cu Nexos Intelligence oferă operatorilor trei avantaje-cheie: fiabilitate operațională ridicată, cu o instalație de scurgere sub presiune ce funcționează fără probleme, control complet asupra instalației și economii de energie.

Nexos Intelligence

Funktionen der Nexos Intelligenz bei Druckentwässerungssystem

Komponentenübersicht Druckentwässerungssystem mit Nexos-Intelligenz

Learn more about the software and its control options

For the first time, absolute transparency is on offer: The operating status of the entire pressure drainage system can be viewed at any time at a glance. Daily curves and comparison of the actual values with the monthly and annual average. Deviations are immediately apparent.

Wilo-Nexos NET-Intelligence

Error patterns

Error patterns

Monthly or yearly statistical overviews

Wilo-Nexos NET-Intelligence reduces pumps’ energy consumption by up to 30 % by distributing peak inflows where the system is under heavy load, such as on public holidays. At times when the system is not subject to such heavy loading, the software ensures that the minimum flow rates in the collector pipes are also achieved to avoid the risk of clogging due to the build-up of deposits.

Once an error occurs, the error patterns in the system can help identify the source and reason for the problem. Erroneous areas are marked in a visual overview and reduce response times for maintenance staff.

Daily, monthly or yearly statistical overviews can be accessed via the system. Irregularities and potential areas for improvement in the pressure drainage network are easily identified. Specific detailed analysis takes place at the pump ID level. The software enables targeted introduction of countermeasures.

The software can be integrated smoothly into existing or new systems to improve efficiency and reliability.


How does Wilo-Nexos NET-Intelligence work?

In this case, a modern cloud solution is used. The signals are sent from house pumping stations to a gateway via radio signals in a so-called mesh system. This communication method allows the pumping stations to send each other signals so that the system also manages without available infrastructure. The gateway communicates via mobile data or LAN with the cloud server which the software runs on centrally.

What are the advantages of the system?

The system optimises flow rate in pressure pipes above all. On the one hand, we achieve 100 % clogging-free status by complying with the relevant flow rates in pressure pipes during phases of minimum inflow of sewage into the system. On the other hand, energy is saved through intelligent activation of pumping stations in the period where the amount of sewage coming into the system is larger. Nexos Intelligence also has many functions enabling optimisation of the system and prediction or even prevention of alarm conditions. For instance, this allows the system to predict the clogging of pipes at an early stage. The software also recognises highly atypical situations such as the breakdown of the non-return valve or the unwanted influx of rainwater.

Which functionalities for operation does the system provide?

First of all, the operator assumes control of the system. In their browser, they can comfortably view the house pumping stations on the map, switch them on and off remotely and acknowledge alarms. They can also obtain full statistics for individual house pumping stations and the entire system.

How large can the systems be for the program to manage them?

The program can control pressure drainage systems with over 1,000 pumping stations with a linear or branched structure. In branched systems, the main pressure pipe has many branches.

Is the system protected against intruders?

The system is very well protected. The data and mobile data connection are encrypted according to the latest standards. You can only gain access to the system by entering multi-line passwords. The cloud itself is protected by multi-level measures.

What happens when the connection to the cloud is lost?

If the connection to the cloud is lost, the system automatically switches to local control. In this special instance, the system works like a current, conventional pressure drainage system. When the connection is restored, the central unit resumes control once again.

Which operating data is stored in the system?

The following data is kept in the system:

  • Pump type with catalogue number.
  • Locations where the pumping stations have been installed.
  • Breakdowns and reports from pumping stations.
  • Number of connections.
  • Operating time per connection/overall operating time.

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