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Working at Wilo

Over its 150 year history, Wilo has developed its own identity. Are you asking yourself what it’s like to work at Wilo? We have outlined what our unique corporate culture involves below:

Since 1872

Our corporate culture has been unique. As a multinational technology group, we remain true to our roots: despite its global orientation and constant growth, Wilo is still a family business. This worldwide community not only makes us special, but also strengthens our market position.

1. Values

The way we treat one another is defined by our Vision, Mission and Values. Fairness, respect, passion, responsibility and integrity are the guiding principles of our cooperation. That’s why it is important for us to offer all our employees around the world the same working conditions in accordance with high European standards.

We facilitates a free working style that empowers everyone to make their own decisions. A trusting and familial way of working and treating each other fairly are important to us. In order to live up to these standards, we invest in the systematic development of our employees.

2. Diversity

Wilo is a continually growing company with employees located around the globe. We appreciate the diversity of our employees and their individuality. We are convinced that Wilo can benefit from diverse lifestyles, backgrounds and virtues. Diversity makes us successful.

Our people are the number one focus. We are therefore delighted to receive all applications – regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion, disability, or sexual orientation and identity.

3. Global player

The Wilo Group has a worldwide network of more than 60 production and sales companies. In this way, we allow employees to work together in multinational teams and to nurture international networks.

4. Innovation

Our pioneering spirit helps us to achieve our goal of offering our customers and partners real added value and setting new international standards. We see innovation as more than just the application of new technologies. We question the status quo continuously, thus offering the most user-friendly and energy-efficient experience.

Portraits und Gruppenbilder vom Wilopark Shooting

5. Health

We want our employees to be able to give their best every day. Their health is a high priority for us. That is why we provide our employees with many location-specific health care services.

6. Work/life balance

Friends and family are the backbone of our employee’s lives. Accordingly, we provide a work environment that focuses on the individual lifestyles of our employees. We are open to individual solutions that contribute to a healthy balance between work and private life.

7. Further education and training

For Wilo, professional development means providing our employees with the best possible support for their current needs and abilities. Comprehensive further education offerings ready our colleagues for their area of responsibility and the future.

8. Regional benefits

We offer a wide range of benefits and services for our employees at over 60 sites worldwide. Please speak to the relevant contact person at the site in question for more information about the specific benefits available at your location.

Success stories

Our series "Wilo Faces" shows the people behind our brand's success. Since 1872, their commitment, pioneering spirit, and passion shape our company.