The Wilo-RAIN3 is a rainwater utilisation system in accordance with EN 1717 and DIN 1989 standards. Its compactness and versatile hydraulic connection options mean that initial commissioning or replacement is quick and straightforward.

What’s more, it is also extremely convenient and highly reliable thanks to the intuitive user interface of the touch LCD in connection with various intelligent functions such as the self-protection routine.

Your advantages

  • Easy installation thanks to ready-to-plug system and compact design with various hydraulic connection options
  • Convenient operation and easy setting options thanks to a unique combination of intuitive LCD touch screen operation and a wide range of functions
  • High level of reliability thanks to integrated self-protection routines
  • Hygiene safety thanks to a break tank with safety device in accordance with DIN 1989 and EN 1717
  • Quiet operation in installations close to living space
  • Control system can be updated via Wifi for Wilo Service
Wilo-RAIN3_Feature 3_EN
Wilo-RAIN3_Feature 4_EN


Is the new Wilo-RAIN3 series equivalent to the old one? Are the new products covering the same duty points?

  • Wilo-AF Comfort MC304 can be replaced by Wilo-RAIN3-24
  • Wilo-AF Comfort MC305 can be replaced by Wilo-RAIN3-25
  • Wilo-RAIN3-45 is a new version for higher volume flows in large residential buildings and light commercial

What is the standard scope of delivery?

  • Fixation material to hang the system on the wall
  • Operating instructions
  • 4.20mA level sensor with 20m length cable. 30m cable length version available as accessory
  • 2 stickers: ”Do not expose to frost” and ”No drinking water”

Why the overflow funnel is not provided anymore?

The break tank has 2 overflow drains, a flexible hose can be connected directly to the fitting beneath the break tank to drain overflow water towards wastewater. In case of clogging the overflow water can still flow freely through the big opening according to EN1717 standard. The water flooding risk is reduced thanks to this optimised design and the funnel becomes useless.
Wilo-RAIN3 has an overflow switch installed by default to warn the user if an overflow is detected in the break tank.

How often should the system be maintained?

Once a year it is recommended to:

  • Check the water tightness of the installation.
  • Drain the break tank and clean it.
  • Check the float valve filter and clean/replace it.



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