Optimal system operation using system expertise

Configuration methods for water management

We don’t want you to choose just any old solution – we want you to find the one that meets your exact requirements. We are glad to work together with you in developing your customised and efficient product solution.

Numerical flow simulations – CFD simulation

Correct system-dependent configuration and installation of the mixers and aeration systems is a basic requirement for efficient and operationally reliable biological sewage treatment.

Wilo uses modern software-aided design tools and methods. In order to select the right technology for your system, we use, among other things, the numerical flow simulation design method (CFD simulation).

In this precise analysis, we take into account your system-specific boundary conditions. This enables possible weaknesses to be detected in good time and optimisation approaches to be developed. This means that you, as the operator, benefit from a fully designed system in which all technologies and components are tailor-made and precisely aligned with each other to meet all requirements.

Take a look at this video, which demonstrates how to design your system efficiently. Thanks to modern Wilo design tools.

Pipe calculations

In order to pump a fluid from A to B, it’s not any old pump you need. You need the right pump solution for your requirements or the prevailing conditions.
These conditions are, firstly, characterised by the fluid properties and, secondly, by the pipe system. Every height profile, every valve and every fitting cause pressure losses in the pipe system.
If the pump is not correctly adjusted to the pipe system, the required output cannot be produced.
Therefore, you can not only determine the right pump on the basis of the required Q/H value by using our selection software, but also have the pipe calculation factored into your choice.

Our competence team is ready to determine the pipe losses for you in these cases.

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