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Wilo-Rexa PRO | Wilo
Your advantages
Wilo-Rexa PRO

Your advantages

  • Clog-resistant vortex and 1-vane
  • FM explosion-proof rated
  • Dual mechanical shaft seals
  • Watertight cable inlet
  • Quick and easy installation
Series description
Wilo-Rexa PRO


  • Wastewater and sewage
  • Domestic and site drainage
  • Sludges up to 8% dry matter
  • Municipal and industrial applications

Max. Flow: 550 GPM

Max. Head: 110 feet

Technical data

  • Electrical Connections: 1~ 230V, 3~ 230V, 460v
  • Protection class IP 68, Insulation class F
  • Max fluid temp: 37°F-104°F (3°C-40°C)
  • Wet pit only
  • Solids passage up to 3 in
  • Max immersion depth: 66 ft (20m


  • Cast Iron Volute, Impeller and Motor Housing
  • Seals: SiC/SiC (pump side), C/MgSiO4 (Motor)

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-Rexa PRO

Article Number 6065992
Edition 2019-02
Number of pages 100
Language en, es
PDF (4 MB)
Number of pages 116
Language en
PDF (7 MB)


Wilo-Rexa PRO Catalog Pages

Number of pages 15
Language en
PDF (3 MB)

Certification booklet

Wilo-Rexa PRO

Article Number 6069824
Edition 2022-11
Number of pages 32
Language language neutral
PDF (14 MB)

Wilo-RexaNorm RE, Wilo-Rexa NORM, Wilo-RexaNorm RE (Bare shaft), Wilo-Rexa NORM (Bare shaft)

Article Number 6074550
Edition 2022-11
Number of pages 40
Language en
PDF (13 MB)


Wilo Rexa PRO Brochure

Number of pages 2
Language en
PDF (814 KB)