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Multi-Flow Adaptation

Increase energy-efficiency.

Optimise the efficiency of your pump system with the “Multi-Flow Adaptation” control mode.

With this innovative energy-saving function, the primary pump always adapts its flow rate precisely to the requirements of the connected secondary pumps installed in the manifold it supplies. A bus cable networks the primary and secondary pumps.

Networking the primary and secondary pumps reduces electricity consumption in the primary pump by up to 80% compared to conventional controls.

Networked pumps

This control mode requires the primary and secondary pumps to be networked. A bus cable forwards the requirements of the secondary pumps to the primary pump on an ongoing basis. The primary pump then continuously adjusts its volume flow accordingly.

Up to 80% electricity savings

Annual electricity savings of up to 80% for the primary pump are the result. In conventional systems, the return temperature is often too high, which in turn unnecessarily reduces boiler efficiency. With the Multi-Flow Adaptation control mode, however, the return temperature is reduced, resulting in optimised boiler efficiency.

Field of application

Large buildings with primary pumps and secondary pumps installed at the manifold supplying different hydronic circuits present ideal use cases for Multi-Flow Adaptation. Multi-Flow Adaptation also works with secondary-loop mixers. You can find more information in the pumps’ installation and operating instructions.

You can use Multi-Flow Adaptation with the following pumps:

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