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25 Years of Wilo in Latin America

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Dortmund-based technology company celebrates 25th anniversary with more than 150 invited guests

Buenos Aires/Argentina. The Wilo Group celebrates its 25th anniversary in Latin America in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. "With the opening of its subsidiary in Argentina in 1997, the Wilo Group laid the foundation for the development of its business activities in Latin America. Since then, the Wilo Group has significantly expanded its presence in the region and today attends entire Latin American continent with locations in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Cuba," said Svenja Ahlburg, Group Director Latin America & Managing Director Wilo Mexico, in her opening speech.

More than 150 invited guests from politics and industry attended the festive ceremony, including the Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Argentina, Mr. Peter Neven. In his speech, he emphasized, among other things, the importance of Latin America for the German economy and the future strategic importance of the region as a European energy partner.
Customers and partners from Argentina, but also from Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, and Bolivia came together for this important event to celebrate the successful cooperation and especially the common promising future.

"Latin America has become one of the central focus of the Wilo Group in recent years. As part of the Wilo Group's region-for-region approach, we have made important investments in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile to increase the degree of our vertical integration and regionalize our supply chains. In the future, we will attend our local customer needs with products manufactured in Latin America and the US," Svenja Ahlburg continued.

"Wilo has evolved in Latin America from a component manufacturer to a solution provider. In industries that are important for Wilo, such as the digital building technology, the municipal water supply and wastewater disposal, but also in the agricultural irrigation as well as mining, we have been able to win strategically important projects together with our local partners in recent years and strongly expanded our market share," said Gustavo Morvillo, Managing Director of the Wilo Argentina platform in his welcoming speech.

Latin America not only offers high growth potential for the Wilo Group, but is becoming an increasingly important strategic partner for the success of the German energy transition and achievement of the European climate targets. "Latin America offers excellent conditions for the production and export of green hydrogen. Wilo is already supplying pump systems for the production of green hydrogen in Brazil," Ahlburg added. "National policies to improve basic sanitation and investments in energy-efficient buildings in almost all Latin American countries also offer enormous growth potential for Wilo," concludes Gustavo Morvillo in his speech.

After local culinary delicacies, music and a dancing show from Latin America, the guests ended the festive ceremony and look forward to the next 25 years of Wilo in Latin America!