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Wilo Chile provides high-efficiency pumping equipment for ecological fish farm "Los Chilcos"

Pucón/Chile. Approximately a quarter of the world's salmon production comes from Chile. Thus, Chile is the second largest salmon producer in the world, after Norway. "Salmon production consumes a lot of energy and the ecosystem is very sensitive, which increases the need for energy-efficient products and ecological solutions," says Gustavo Ramos, Executive Director of Wilo Chile SpA. "Therefore, we are very pleased about the cooperation with MarineFarm and the supply of efficient pumps for the fish farm "Los Chilcos", one of the first ecological farms in Chile." MarineFarm with more than 15 years of experience is a company 100% dedicated to the production of high-quality salmon and trout products. In 2005 a project for eco-fish farming in Chilcos was developed. For the fish farm los Chilcos, Wilo Chile presented an integral solution composed of three stages: 1) the supply of submersible pumps (FA25.31Z) and dry rotor pumps of monoblock design (CronoBloc-BL), 2) the installation of the equipment and 3) the service program WiloCare.

"The Wilo-EMU FA submersible pump is ideal for for fish farming applications. It guarantees an efficient, reliable water supply and reduces energy consumption, thanks to the IE3 motor technology", cites Yulimar Blanco, Customer Service Wilo Chile, responsible for the project. "In this way, Wilo Chile guarantees the water supply of the tanks, improving water quality making them more efficient, safe and contributing to the marine food industry with sustainable solutions."

The WiloCare program extends the warranty for the Wilo products for a period of five years, including all corresponding preventive maintenance and offers the Wilo Live-Assistant, throughout this tool the Wilo Chile Technical Service ensures a digital, fast, instant and interactive assistance.