Launch of non-self-priming multistage pump: Wilo-Medana CH1-L

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Efficient system integration for drinking water applications

LATAM. Water is the most important resource of our planet. While it covers a large part of the globe, drinking water is becoming scarce under the effects of urbanization, climate change and environmental pollution. Latin America is home to one third of the world's freshwater resources, however, water scarcity and its uneven distribution in Latin America is limiting the development of certain industries.

As a premium manufacturer for pumps and pumping systems, Wilo offers much more than high-performance and cost-effective pumps that tackles these challenges. Wilo is going beyond pumps and uses cutting-edge technologies, innovative applications, and strong expertise to develop products that are sustainable and that can be integrated into complex systems.

Efficiency and reliability

Wilo-Medana is an ideal product for potable water applications developed for the use in water supply and pressure boosting as well as in industrial irrigation processes. The non-self-priming multistage pump achieves the highest hydraulic outputs, with a stainless steel monobloc design, threaded connection and a single- or three-phase AC motor. Whereas the single-phase AC motor is equipped with built-in thermal motor protection, containing an automatic start.

Our Wilo-Medana series has many advantages to offer. From quick and easy commissioning and maintenance thanks to large openings for filling and draining pumps, to a high reliability and robustness with low noise emissions thanks to neck ring and corrosion-resistant lantern with cataphoretic coating. Its compact and robust design and the fact that it can be used at ambient temperatures up to 50 °C offer a large field of application for integrating the pump into large systems.

For further information and exclusive launch prices, please get in touch with your nearest Wilo office or local distributor.